Truth – Anxiety Problems After Gallbladder Removal. What’s Going Wrong?

Many patients list ‘Anxiety’, ‘Stress’, and ‘depression’ as problems developed  Postcholecystectomy. Surgeons refuses to disclose this and many other Postcholecystectomy complication risks as it would expose the truth about likely health risks being recorded as 40% Listen to what patients have to say. See below links to articles on possible causes also.

Note: searching through thousands of posts on Anxiety after gallbllader removal, this is the only answer backed by medical opinion

Key: Continual bile flowing from the liver without a Gallbladder collection and concentration function presenting when food leaves the stomach is key to understanding why so many PCS problems occur. Stomach problems include; Bile reflux, bile gastritis, IBS, acid reflux, and cancer of the throat and esophagus.

Patient X

I’ve had anxiety since I was a child and at times in my life it’s flared up and down but since having my gallbladder removed 3 weeks ago I’ve had severe anxiety and depression and can’t sleep. Anyone else have this?

Patient Y

The other day–I had to go to the er bc I was having a super anxiety attack. I don’t have anxiety. I’m pretty sure it was gb related. I’m 5 months PO. My heart was beating fast, my thoughts were racing and my pupils were dilated. The dr gave me a big shot of Xanax, and it didn’t help! I went home, went to bed and woke up with the feeling for the most part of the next day. I was unable to eat for 4 days–I had no appetite. I’m not sure if it was from sugar, or ham—maybe both in the same day….oh—and I had to pee back to back for these 4 days. Today is the first day I’m feeling a little better. Does anyone else get anxiety like attacks?


PG My anxiety was definitely worse before and after my op. Heart palpitations and IBS and not sleeping improved about 4 weeks after my op. I’m now in to my 5th week. Just the whole thing drained me, I’m taking magnesium, lemon water, and changed my diet slightly,and taking things easy! It all should calm down Jenny, hope you pick up soon Hun.

TH  i have been crying since mine came out 3 months ponbutbialso quit smoking

SS Yes!! It is horrible now.

JP  6 months post op dealing with the anxiety and stress related to this surgery because of an asymptomatic gallstone and a greedy surgeon. Who operated me causing me fear and I wasn’t at the hospital for gallbladder issues. I never knew what the gallbladder was.

TB Anxiety and depression are symptoms of thyroid dysfunction.


KY Mine has gotten a lot worse.

SB  Yup, I’m in therapy for it, I have severe anxiety and hypochondria so this surgery was extremely shocking for me and I’m 8 months post op still battling post op depression. frown emoticon

KY I have always had anxiety problems. Just since my gallbladder has been out they have been more and more frequent.

SV  Probiotics, topical magnesium, vitamin d3, vitamin b and clean eating

I had severe depression after surgery and all that I mentioned above has helped me..I’m now on the paleo diet and much much better

SR I have them every day go hot heart races then go dizzy, just have to get threw it, I’m a year and a half PO

LS  I’ve had so many health issues since my gb was out. I know they will pass, it’s just going to take a while. My liver was high for 4 months after removal

TH  I get them all the time lately. Last few weeks have been awful. 5 mth po.

HS I had what I called anxiety attacks last mo. Rapid heart beat, churning stomach, usually on an empty stomach. But now, they have disappeared????I’m 6 mo.po now….still have gastritis, and pain. The doc gave me more pills! one for the spasming which is causing the pain, and one that coats my stomach to help protect it from the bile…I’m sure I have bile gastritis now. uggg…I can only eat chicken and only 4 times a week…beans almost killed me the other day…pretty hard to be vegetarian with no GB…

SC I have the EXACT same thing as you, Leah, like we already discussed. When mine started originally I was referred to a psychologist and she told me it was NOT anxiety. My doctor and Specialist both agree, although they haven’t figured anything out yet. The first told me it was my gallbladder, so there has to be some sort of relation now. We’ll figure this one out too. We just have to survive until we do…lol.

CC Last December, my gallbladder was removed. Two weeks later, I started having these attacks under my sternum (the first one woke me up in the middle of the night and I thought I was having a heart attack and begged my husband to call an ambulance). I thought it was related to the removal of my gallbladder, like a stone stuck in a duct or something. I have seen GI multple times, multiple tests. They refererred me to cardiology. I failed a stress test and had a heart cath done, which ended up showing a normal heart. Now they think it has to be anxiety attacks. I have them wake me up in the middle of the night. I have them while sitting on the couch drinking coffee. I have had them twice while drunk. It doesnt make sense to me that they are anxiety related because I am almost never anxious when they occur, almost always the opposite (relaxed, asleep, drunk and happy). So, doctor wants to try Wellbutrin. My questions are: has anyone had this happen to them? And thoughts about Wellbutrin if you have been on it or are on it?

R Again I am ill only after a recent bowel infection all connected to gallbladder removal I think so. Symptoms I never had before removal. 1. Acid reflux. 2. Gastric dumping. 3. Gastritis 4. Shortness of breath. 5.Anxiety. 6. Depression (new). I can put most of these down to how my removal or at least half of them.

C I have an anxiety disorder, and have noticed that since I’ve had my gb removed, I now get anxiety attacks after eating (this never happened before). There’s evidence that your gut health effects your mental health, but all I keep seeing is that they don’t know how this translates to anxiety, nor have I found ways to prevent it. I’ve already cut down on sugar and crap, which yes, has helped, but even with a healthier meal plan, I still experience it.

As for the lack of appetite after the Xanax, that’s normal, to where some weight management clinics have even prescribed it in order to suppress appetite.

S Well gonna be driving hour and 45 minutes to pa hope I don’t poop myself along the way my stomach hasn’t been right since gallbadder was takin out just won’t eat anything intill I get to my moms at 4 sigh hate my body between that my thyroid and severe anxiety my life a nightmare

NA So my gallbladder was removed last july…. but every few months o get some sharp little pains near my ribs on my right side .. they last a few days then go away …. i have a pretty crappy diet so in thinking that may be the problem … has anyone else experienced this … anxiety levels are soooo high.

HS how common is this “anxiety” thing? I felt it three times today…a sudden racing heart, that feels like a panic attack for no reason?HMMM…wondering if that could be a food allergy?

HP I suffer from Panic Attacks during my sleep. Panic attacks have been brought about by removal of my Gallbladder which was healthy and didn’t have gallstones. Surgeon didn’t do any ultrasound or imaging before surgery. Only physical examination done.

Does anyone suffer from anxiety or Panic attacks after surgery? What are you doing to cope with it?

SC Well, I had an anxiety attack and I think that food was the trigger. I’ve had this before with certain foods I ate. Chicken and rice, macaroni and cheese and potatoes. I’ve had it with other foods too, but I don’t remember what they were. I’m totally bummed. I was really hoping that this was one of the issues that would be going away with eviction.

LP I had my gb removed 2yrs ago.. I have frequent bowl movements (sorry tmi) mainly in the morning as soon as I get up then again after breakfast, been coping fine and not finding it a problem… But not sure if it’s too do with anxiety but I am finding it increasing now that when I leave the house, shopping etc,,, I’m finding I need to go quite urgently, this has mainly been a problem since I had my daughter a year ago…

Today I woke with a very sore tummy, and had to abandon our shopping trip to come home, I feel so sore and sick  now in bed missing out on visiting husbands grandparents
Anyone else get the same? Anything I can take or just best to visit the Dr…? Xx

SB Does anybody else find a link between gallbladder and anxiety? I feel my palpitations and anxiety attacks have greatly decreased after removal.. and its not the pain factor because i had absolutely no previous gallbladder problems before my emergency surgery. Just wondering..

HP An idiot surgeon Dr.xxxx a Laproscopy surgeon at Nairobi Hospital removed my gallbladder without doing any imaging just based on physical symptoms. No gallstones were found. It was mildly inflamed. Had to fly to India for post surgery complications where I was diagnosed with Bile Acid Malabsorption. Am on Cholestyramine powder to control bile Malabsorption. Doctor in India said it was removed unnecessarily medicine could have healed it. It would have served me rest of my life. Now I get cycles of depression andanxiety and its not nice. Really hate careless negligent doctor. Any latest medical progress in fat digestion would help?

NG 16 months post op. I saw this GI doc in April. He wanted blood tests, ultrasound, colonoscopy and endoscopy. I had the blood tests and ultrasound. I haven’t even got appointment for the others yet. This is the entirety of the GI docs letter to my GP. I have other issues, anxiety and depression, comfort eat a lot. But I’m also on lots of meds which can up your Gamma GT apparently. Why is everything put down to weight? I went to eating disorder clinic but they said they couldn’t help me, I just need to ‘get a life’… I do want all my problems sorted but I don’t have the strength to deal with any of this.

RA I developed anxiety/depression post op as well. There’s a theory out there that inflammation in the body post-surgery can bring on these symptoms. I’m on a low dose anti-depressant medication and that’s helped a great deal, haven’t had any panicky feelings for more than six months.