Weakness In Legs & Celiac Disease

Weakness In Legs & Celiac Disease

I think having leg weakness and pain is common to celiac. It comes in my opinion from an inabilty to produce and absorb b vitamins as well as vitamin d from the compromised villi. I think of this problem of aching legs and feet as being genetically and coeliac induced Beri Beri. I have had all the symptoms–even sometimes seeing and hearing folks who aren’t there as well as having had heart palpitations from a compromised nervous system. Apparently according to a lipid blood test two years ago my myelin sheath covering on the nerves was down to 50%. And no I don’t touch alcohol!

I now take co-enzyme b vitamins from country life (as well as the cod liver oil) in addition to my overall remedies of many years (and eat butter and coconut oil). It appears that as I aged I needed the co-enzyme form of b vitamins since the regular b vitamin supplements were doing me no good. With my yeast sensitivities things like brewers yeast were out (as a good source of b vitamins) and any fermented anything except now non fat organic plain yogurt (which I now can regularly eat since I started taking the country life co-enzyme b vitamins–but could not before!).

Taking vitamin D of course is also important for better calcium and mineral absorption. Taking cod liver oil for the vitamin D is best for me due to my swedish and scottish forbears and better too for the vit. A since I have an inherited inablity to handle eating carrots and most packaged beta carotene A.

The co enzyme b-vitamins have changed my life considerably for the better. I no longer have aching legs and feet and can actually fall asleep at night without taking a muscle relaxant etc. I also no longer wake up with a palpitating heart at 3 AM or rattle around if I walk up hill etc. I also can now detox more easily and exercise without creating headaches and dizziness. Amazingly a hot bath, jacuzzi or sauna are now good for me rather than life threatening. All these heart problems I had despite low cholesterol and low blood pressure and relatively ideal diet. Ditto with the occsional seeing and hearing things that weren’t there.

I take the co-enzyme b vitamins first thing in the morning and late at night–i.e., away from food. Often I take it with nattokinase (a fibronylitic agent which heals the scar tissue of the intestines as well as elsewhere like in my neck which wasn’t healing from a whiplash and elbows etc.–expensive but better than seeing a chiropractor etc.), bromelain/papain (also a –cheaper–fribronyltic anti-scar agent) and L-glutamine which stimulates the hormones naturally as an anti-aging agent as well as heals the gut and helps with the muscles and I think the ligaments.

Before I learned of this I used marshmallow root, dandelion root with alternating yellow dock or oregon grape root with licorice root (licorice root not recommended if you have high blood pressure), and pao de arco (to keep down fungus) regularly to keep myself alive with uva ursi thrown in occasionally or schizandra due to my tricky kidneys. Years ago I was rapidly losing my kidneys but found a diet avoiding gluten and citrus and using the herbs kept what was left of my kidneys healthy. I discovered my “brew” helps me have less joint pain plus that of my friends who also have arthritic issues. I still use this brew to good effect whenever I am feeling a little frazzled, achey or get kind of mucousy.

However all remedies and diet and brew aside I was very definitely going down hill without the intervention of the co-enzyme b vitamins.

I now can swim without killing my joints and have healed at last from the whiplash as long as I keep up my regime. Of course yoga and walking are also crucial. I am even making sculpture again. Previously I couldn’t even write ten minutes without getting an excruciating headache the next day not to speak of swim. Part of this was not healing after a whiplash at the end of 2000. I simply couldn’t figure out what was going on! Previous to that I had just recovered from having a frozen shoulder with the aid of the now banned Pap Imi machine that a local chiropractor fortunatley had. He also was able to cure Lymes with it and some other fandangled energy machine contraption. At the time I didnt know what lYLmes was but had gotten sick after a tick bite and had recurring feavers which would mysteriously disappear and was rapidly deteriorating til I figured out I had celiac (from perusing the Merk manual–no thanks to the docs).

I also now withthe co-enzyme b vitamins am no longer getting constant flues and colds etc. This was the bane of my existance since I was 4 months old! I now am starting at almost 60 to have a real life.

Slowly I have crawled out of the soup with little help from the medical establishment despiote my mtoher and brother with downs having both been determined by Kaiser to have celiac (of course no mention was made to me…even when I was at Kaiser!!). Even the alterantive folks have only been marginally helpful–though I will say the Pap Imi machine was a godsend.

Studying herbs and diet while using observaton and trial and error have helped the most. It has also helped that now there is now more awareness of this condition as with this and other celiac sites — including clues about the B and D vitamins.

Thankfully the celiac has made it so at least I never have to worry about having stiff joints so I look and feel relatively young for my age. Eating all those veggies and exercise and not eating sugar has also helped! Though for me I don’t do at all well as a vegetarian. Too many allergies to too many nuts and grains. Plus I have to limit beans though I can eat them twice a week.