Truth – Anxiety Problems After Gallbladder Removal. What’s Going Wrong?

Many patients list ‘Anxiety’, ‘Stress’, and ‘depression’ as problems developed  Postcholecystectomy. Surgeons refuse to disclose this and many other Postcholecystectomy complication risks as it would expose the truth about likely health risks being recorded as 40% Listen to what patients have to say. See below links to articles on possible causes also.

Note: searching through thousands of posts on Anxiety after gallbladder removal, this is the only answer backed by medical opinion

Key: Continual bile flowing from the liver without a Gallbladder collection and concentration function presenting when food leaves the stomach is key to understanding why so many PCS problems occur. Stomach problems include; Bile reflux, bile gastritis, IBS, acid reflux, and cancer of the throat and esophagus.

Patient X

I’ve had anxiety since I was a child and at times in my life it’s flared up and down but since having my gallbladder removed 3 weeks ago I’ve had severe anxiety and depression and can’t sleep. Does anyone else have this?

Patient Y

The other day–I had to go to the er bc I was having a super anxiety attack. I don’t have anxiety. I’m pretty sure it was gb related. I’m 5 months PO. My heart was beating fast, my thoughts were racing and my pupils were dilated. The dr gave me a big shot of Xanax, and it didn’t help! I went home, went to bed and woke up with the feeling for the most part of the next day. I was unable to eat for 4 days–I had no appetite. I’m not sure if it was from sugar, or ham—maybe both in the same day….oh—and I had to pee back to back for these 4 days. Today is the first day I’m feeling a little better. Does anyone else get anxiety-like attacks?