Feel A-liver with Dr David Jubb’s 14 day liver/gallbladder fast (feast)

Here I am once again sharing and hopefully inspiring anyone wishing to add longevity to their life.A little while ago I  just completed Dr David Jubb’s  14 day liver gallbladder cleanse which is referred to as a fast or feast because you do not really need to starve . You are also fasting, eating less than you would normally eat. Or you can eat less and fast as I chose to do on some days. Go on try it because you are WORTH it.

I was lucky enough to be off work for @ a week or so so that I could allow for myself to focus on the daily intake of formulas and other protocols. I carried this cleanse out over the 14  recommended days but I had to re arrange one or two days around taking the olive oil due to other commitments. I am still continuing with the liver flushes and I will be posting more You Tube videos and blogging on this in the future.


Click here for a short description on a video I made

First of all you may wish to know these facts:- 

Did you know almost every disease is related to a congested liver and gallbladder

  • nervous conditions
  • skin conditions
  • urinary conditions
  • head related problems – your brain contains @ one-fifth of the total blood volume in the body. Bile stones affect the blood supply to the head
  • heart and circulatory problems
  • respiratory disorders
  • joint disorders
  • problems with reproductive system
  • digestive problems
  • fatigue

Did you know these facts about bile stones

  • Bile stones in the liver and gallbladder reduce the secretion of bile from @400-600mls  a day to as little as one cup or less per day!
  • This which leads to weakening of the pancreatic enzyme capacity. This then leads to further impairment of absorption of nutrients in the small intestine which leads to malnourishment and cravings
  • Reduced bile secretion impairs the digestion of food especially fats. someone has eaten a raw diet like myself  for @ 7 years you can still have bile stones
  • not all gallstones are picked up on a scan as the softer ones are composed of different material. Also the liver bile ducts can be congested with a waxy type resin which needs plenty of dissolving to help release the normal amount of bile
  • you liver and gallbladder may hold up to 1000?s of bile stones!
  • bile regulates the correct pH of you colon creating a space for prevention of parasites
  • bile stones can harbour plenty of emotions so when you get the stones rolling you may experience a release of emotions
  • bile stones are caused by STRESS . This includes the wrong foods, we are nature and our body requires nature,  emotional stress, overeating, dehydration, lack of exercise, and sleep.


  • You may or may not know how important and how beneficial it is to carry out this cleanse around a Lifefood liquid easy to digest food intake
  • It is important to reduce inflammation in the colon so that cleansing can occur .  The body cannot detox if there is a red warning light . The body will prioritise in dealing with the inflammation before detoxing to create homeostasis.  When there is an immune response i.e. INFLAMMATION then there will be an excess of globulin (inflammatory excessive protein) and a reduction in ALBUMIN. Albumin is the most abundant protein in human blood and is produced in the liver. It also transports hormones, fatty acids and other compounds, buffers pH, maintains osmotic pressure and so on
  • So when we fast and/or eat liquid easy to digest Lifefood the body has the capacity to increase albumin levels
  • taking the pressure off the digestion and liver allows for greater immunity by fasting can also Fasting Triggers Stem Cell Rejuvenation
  • Video on Dr David Jubb and the Liver is like a kitchen sponge
  • This cleanse is designed to facilitate cleansing and to increase effectiveness 400%.
  • Passing stones is only one element of success
  • This cleanse optimizes liver function and is the foundation of cell rejuvenation.
  • Doing this 14 day liver/gallbladder cleanse can add years to your being and you can look @ 7 years younger!!
  • you may also in notice less cravings of addictive ‘foods’
  • increase of gut intuition and allowing for a better choice of healthy foods
  • feeling more relaxed, happier and grounded
  • and if you persist with these cleanses along with a healthier lifestyle including what you eat you will notice MANY changes with your health



Preparation Days 1 to 3 : 5 to 7 : 9 to 10: 12 to 14

  • @ 8am Feel A LIVEr Oil pack over liver with hot water bottle plus chaga tea
  • @ 9am 1/3 tsp of EvacuEase plus 1/3 tsp of  DigestAid
  • @10am 2tbsps of unpastuerised organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother)  diluted in spring water plus unsweetened honey is usually recommended
  • @12-1pm Feel A LIVEr  oil pack , soup , electrolyte lemonade which is on You Tube
    1/3 tsp EvacuEase, 1/3 tsp DigestAid
  • @ 2pm – apple cider vinegar
  • @3pm 1/3 tsp EvacuEase , 1/3 tsp DigestAid and electrolyte lemonade
  • @5-6pm Feel a LIVEr Oil Pack , soup,  Electrolyte lemonade, flax seed crackers , 1/3 tsp Wildzymes or DigestAid
  • @7pm Apple Cider Vinegar
  • @8pm – soup ,smoothie and sorbet & flax seed crackers
  • Bedtime – Feel a Liver  oil pack, 1/3 tsp of Wildzymes or DigestAid, 1/3 tsp EvacuEase

Days 4, 8 and 11 – Flush days 

  • Awake – Feel A LIVEr oil pack and Ez Tea
  • @8am 1/3 tsp of EvacuEase, 1/3tsp of Digest Aid
  • @9am – apple cider vinegar
  • @10am hydrate with Ez Tea
  • @12pm –  Feel A LIVEr  oil pack 1/3 tsp of EvacuEase, Electrolyte lemonade  added ginger to increase circulation . You can also make a ginger tea or mylk . Alternatives add cayenne and or niacin 100-500mg -flush kind
  • @ 12.30 – 1/3 tsp of  Wildzymes or DigestAid
  • @ 2pm –  Wild Stone Pressed Organic Olive Oil plus
    I added organic pink grapefruit,  sipping 2-4 oz of organic lemon juice.  It is recommended to drink the olive oil  @ 6-8 oz  for gallbladder (day4)
    4-6 oz for A LIVEr (days 8, 11)
  • @2-3pm Lie comfortably on your right side with 3 pillows under the right hip . Cover yourself with a blanket and keep warm.
    Feel A LIVEr oil pack with hot water bottle
  • @3pm Coffee enema
  • @4pm – 1tsp of  Wildzymes or DigestAid, 1/3 tsp of Digestaid, 1/3tsp Evacuease,
    Castor Oil pack
    Massage gallbladder, percussion of liver/gallbladder ( *see below for more info)
  • @7pm blended Lifefood Soup, electrolyte lemonade & Flax seed crackers
  • @8pm – Feel A LIVEr oil pack, 1/3 tsp of DigestAid, 1/3tsp Wildzymes or DigestAid, 1/3 tsp of EvacuEase

“Leave no stone unturned”

You may also wish to have colonics during this cleanse. Especially after the 1st liver/gallbladder flush. If you are unable to do 14 days just try one liver/gallbladder cleanse and make sure you are off work after taking the oil as you will need to rest and most probably need access to the toilet often! I was on the toilet many a time on the day after taking the olive oil passing gunk and bile stones.

This is what I added to the cleanse:-

  • I ran out of EvacuEase and used Oxy-Mag half way through the cleanse
  • I also added Chanca Piedra the Amazonian stone breaker to the daily routine and took 3 500mg capsules per day – breaking open the capsules and added the herb to the apple cider vinegar . I had also been taking the chanca piedra since the start of March
  • I also added anti parasitic herbs to the apple cider vinegar.
  • I also added Dr David Jubb’s LifeColloid Probiotic each day of this cleanse taking this after my soup
  • I also added Dr David Jubb’sBluemate along with the Evacuease
  • I addedhydrochloric acidcapsules to each meal as I need this just now
  • I added apple kefir (from water grains )
  • I added Chaga tea instead of EZ tea just simply as I had this in my kitchen
  • I added turmeric mylk to my meals/soups as turmeric is full of healing antioxidants fantastic for the liver helping to detoxify and strengthen it
  • I also added Epsom salts before the taking the oil
  • (Update) lately I have been on the 21 day cleanse and i started using castor oil packs with freshly squeezed turmeric and fresh ginger – click here for more info
    I have now created a new powerhouse Oil Combo with Castor Oil, Ginger & Turmeric Essential Oils which is available from myself and FoodforConsciousness.