Regardless of what we have been told as “the reason why” we have that tell-tale extra cut at the uppermost trocar site, we have been injured at that gallbladder surgery and the surgeon/trainee had to open us up to try to fix it. They make a 1-2″ cut then retract it open wider so they can get in to do what they feel necessary. But we do not get the best and most effective biliary repair–we get the¬†half-assed, cheapo patch that can be sneaked in through that 1-2″ cut and can be lied about, the inefective repair that is doomed to failure at some point in time. The good repair requires a much bigger cut and a long hospital stay–and the con artist surgeons can’t risk the exposure. Or the cost of the good repair at tens of thousands of dollars a pop. We get the cheap repair, a pat on the head, and sent home to be ignored when the inevitable and increasing symptoms appear


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