Why do Surgeons lie - Narcissistic Sociopathic medical professionals?

Why do surgeons continue to perform unnecessary surgery

Why would a reasonable surgeon consider performing unneeded surgical procedures?” From a surgeon’s perspective, two distinct answers appear intuitive: We perform surgery because we have been trained to do so and because “we have always done it this way” or we simply do not know any better. In German psychology, this behavior is analogous to […]

Surgeons don’t believe postcholecystectomy syndrome exists!

Undeliverable, this from Surgeons own medical references – The condition postcholecystectomy syndrome does not exist. At least they come clean on other points Misdiagnosis for cholecystectom, Nerve and bile duct damage occurs frequently “Although not a complication, persistence or recurrence of biliary-type pain may occur. A proportion of these patients will either have a retained common […]

Whistle-blower: How doctor uncovered nightmare

From the blue yarns tucked in a woven basket to the earth-tone carpeting and the solidity of the stone fireplace, every detail of the Crittenton Hospital Cancer Center’s waiting room helps anxious patients feel embraced by warmth and comfort. Even the vaulted ceiling, crafted of gleaming cherry wood, suggests a religious sanctuary, not a medical […]

Death By Doctor

This article is quite extensive, yet worth reading. The numbers really tell all. Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; and Dorothy Smith, PhD July 8, 2009 Natural medicine is under siege, as pharmaceutical company lobbyists urge lawmakers to deprive Americans of the benefits of dietary supplements. Drug-company front […]

At Their Mercy

By Quentin McDermott and Karen Michelmore At Their Mercy Monday 25th May 2015 At Their Mercy: The bullying and bastardisation of young doctors in our hospitals. We put our lives in the hands of surgeons, trusting in their professionalism and skill. But what happens in the supercharged atmosphere of an operating theatre or hospital ward […]

Doctors Who Don’t Speak Out

THE note sent by a doctor to several executives at Johnson & Johnson was blunt: an artificial hip sold by the company was so poorly designed that the company should slow its marketing until it understood why patients were getting hurt. The doctor, who also worked as a consultant to Johnson & Johnson, wrote the […]

Doctors Throwing Fits (Office topic but interesting read)

One of the hardest parts of being a nurse is dealing with bullying doctors. By Alexandra Robbins Most nurses have witnessed or been the victims of doctor bullying.Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Thinkstock Adoctor-bully epidemic is jeopardizing both nurses and patients. In news reports and hospital break rooms, stories abound of physicians berating nurses, hurling […]

Unnecessary surgery exposed! Why 60% of all surgeries are medically unjustified and how surgeons exploit patients to generate profits

Every year millions of Americans go under the knife, but many of them are enduring great pain and shelling out thousands of dollars for surgeries they don’t really need. In fact, the only people who seem to really benefit from these unnecessary medical procedures are the medical professionals who stand to make exorbitant amounts of […]

STUDY: Doctors Perform Thousands Of Unnecessary Surgeries And Reap The Profits

Across the country, thousands of Americans are going under the knife for surgeries that are completely unnecessary, according to a new US Today investigation. After reviewing information from government records and medical databases, USA Today concludedthat unnecessary surgeries may account for 10 to 20 percent of all operations in some specialties. Since 2005, more than 1,000 doctors […]