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Reasons To Avoid Getting Gallbladder Removed

The gallbladder is a small pear shaped organ located near the lower border of liver. The bile which is secreted by the liver and which is essential for the digestion of fat in the small intestine is stored in the gallbladder. Gallbladder — A Small Pear Shaped Organ Gallbladder disease includes stone formation and infection. In many […]

What happened after the gallbladder removal?

The consequence of losing gall bladder- a very yang organ is weight gain, hypothyroidism, depression, feeling cold and fatigue as the body losing fire or yang to keep up the metabolism. In Chi…nese medicine, the Gallbladder is a Yang organ and the Liver is its Yin organ partner and they work together, supporting and balancing […]

Gallbladder Removal | Why You Still Feel Sick

The gallbladder is considered by many medical professionals to be a useless organ. As a result, upwards of around a million gallbladders are removed every year in the US when they start making their owners miserable. It is doubtful that anyone would want to live with the symptoms of gallbladder disease for very long: Moderate […]

Testimony – What I Did To Treat My Gallstones

What I Did To Treat My Gallstones I’ve been wondering what to write about. Before I wrote about lowfat recipes because I was trying to keep my fat intake really low. Then my gallstones went away and I had nothing to write about. But then I realized that there is so much misinformation about gallstone […]

Dr’s opinion – Gallstone Treatment carried out in a manner that is fraudulent and dishonest ?

Gallstone Treatment January 02, 2008 | 78,695 views Kurt Pourbaix writes:  I have looked through your website and have found a couple of interesting articles on gallstones. I see that sugar, fats, and grains aggravate gallstones.  If a person has gallstones, the symptoms can be reduced by exercise, and by taking taurine and whole beet concentrate. My wife […]

I’ve had My Gallbladder Removed – Benefit from it I Do Now?

The gallbladder is a very common small, pear-shaped sac of this underside of the body, on the right side of this abdomen that holds approximately one half cup of yellowish-green product called bile. The liver produces liquid bile this is then moves it inside a gallbladder where it becomes 4-12 fold concentrated than it was […]

TRUTH – How to get rid of gallstones without surgery

TRUTH – dissolving stones works but DR’s won’t go the extra mile and diagnose root cause issues to prevent recurrence. Why – Fraud -$$$$$ One of the first patients I saw as a medical student was a nice lady, who presented to the university hospital outpatient clinic with colicky, cramping abdominal pain. She described the […]


  I was told I did not need my gallbladder – that it was a nonessential organ. Hearing that from a surgeon convinced me to have it removed to rid me of abdominal discomfort and nausea. An ultrasound showed some gallstones, but no other reason for removing the organ was presented to me. I was […]