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Victim Statements

  • You were scammed on by our deceptive medical society initially concerning the gallbladder surgery. I and countless others are being taken advantage of by our trust, not just with this surgery. The description of the aftermath of having digestion problems, not being able to eat without feeling full or sick all of the time and the pain within the upper right side where they took the gallbladder out and then did what… everything that was once natural and part of our whole body’s equilibrium, is just part of the woes that everyone is experiencing from this surgery. Have you tried exercising your stomach or abdominal area? Does this make pain? It makes excruciating pain in me and as you age it has gotten worse because the skin thins. Our government is allowing these nonsensical surgery’s for money flow. Just try going public with what you feel, especially to the newspapers.

    Just thought I would chime in here. I had my Gall bladder out going on 4 years ago I am male and now 34. I ate like a typical kid and teenager and drank pop like it was water so it happened one night in a severe Gall bladder attack, I killed it. I had to have it out the discussion was had while I was on morphene and I can say that I was advised that I should be able to go back to ewating pizza and fries with no issues. They Lied

    At first I lost like 30 lbs, I have now gained half of that back. For the last year or so My depression and lethargy were getting progressivly worse I could time the bathroom runs to 45 minutes after anything that contained Nitrates or was High in fat. My job suffered and so did my life outside of work. I have been sick more now than I have been in years.

    In the last month though I feel like a new man. I have started taking digestive enzymes with my meals take 1000mg of Vit D every day and a probiotic drink every AM. The bathroom runs have lessened, but still happen, but I have energy again. The fog has lifted over me and I now know that the last years was sue to malnutrition.

    Was in store for the future I think some Fatty acid suplements may be added and acidopolus? My co-worker swears by the stuff. Best of luck out there.

    Remember Doctors are “”general”” practitioners and do not know us as well as we do. together we can come together and share our stories and learn for each other but they will never admit that they do not know.”

    Oh my gosh. I was hoping to find answers when I found this, but now I am just plain scared. My daughter is 12 and was having a lot of stomach issues. After a lot of visits to the doctor and a lot of testing, I was told her gallbladder was functioning at 17% and needed to come out. I was told there really wasn’t any other options to this and it was definitely necessary and the answers to her problems. So, at 12 years old, she had her gallbladder taken out, this was on March 23. Now, she is having so much recurrent stomach pain and cramping that she is missing so much school I am afraid she will fail. I have called our primary care doctor who sent me back to the surgeon. Then, the surgeon sent me to the walk in clinic because they couldn’t get her worked in. The walk in clinic sent me to the ER who did a CT scan and said everything was normal and to return to school. I have gotten calls from the school nurse to pick her up because she is in so much pain they don’t know what to do with her. I am at the end of my rope and feeling very helpless as a mother right now. I am so in hopes that I did not make a mistake and a bad decision for her health and her future. Any advice and/or answers would be greatly appreciated.

    “Bile duct repair after Gall Bladder LAP
    Had Lap gall bladder surgery back in 1, was sent home in such pain and vomiting..My bile duct was cut and had to get it repaired ( which took 7 days of tests). I’m okay now but I did sue and won a decent amount. The way to sue is to contact an attorney in a big city ( I’m on long island and had to get an attorney in NYC). I should have gotten more of a settlement but they have “”caps”” here and the most i could have gotten was 175,000( I got a little less)..”

    I agree I too had gallbladder removed over 4 years ago and have been gaining weight ever since. my whole life I have been a slim person and am now 30 kilos over my original weight. I do not eat carbs or sugar, eat fresh veggies and fruit and some lean meat and chicken. i don’t even like sweets and cakes etc. I have diahoria after nearly everything I eat. I would have a transplant if there was such a thing, as I only had small polyps too. It all happened pretty quickly and I didn’t have time to get second opinion.

    Before considering a cholecystectomy I would give a trial of sucralfate and cholestyramine. I think that many people with these generalized forgut dysmotility issues have significant bile reflux gastritis as part of their dysfunction. The episodic loose stools may well be due to inappropriate “firing” of the gallbladder resulting in a bolus of bile into an empty duodenum with upstream gastric irritation and downstream secretory diarrhea. If this fails to improve things and symptoms were really reproduced with CCK I would then consider cholecystectomy. Christopher R Watters, MD

    I spent the last decade having doctors tell me my symptoms were unrelated, give me handfuls of drugs, then telling me as I got sick on their drugs that they could irradiate my thyroid, or take out my gallbladder or check me out for a hysterectomy. Beware of any doctore who can’t explain all your symptoms, but expects to cure you by cutting something else. That’s how you know a doctor is either kidding you or himself about his abilities.
    The gallbladder, thyroid, tonsils, appendix, etc. are all “”unnecessary”” organs they can milk my HMO and me to pay for, without actually helping me. They need to dissdect their medical training, not me.
    I’m just so mad that I had to spend so much money, time and evaporating trust in humanity to find one good doctor out of the hundreds. I once had two teams of doctors at Emory and Peidmont healthcare systems in Atlanta, all telling me I needed more antibiotics and steroidal anti-inflammatories. I nearly died, and was certainly put out of commission for months. This time, I ended up desperate in an ER with few choices, and should have gathered what little strenght I had to go back to teh one doctor I trust. Maybe I should just shut up and be happy to find one good doctor and be recovering, but I’d much rather put this spit and vinegar to good use changing the system. I can’t stand to think people are having to go down the same dead ends as me and have non-infected organs removed simply because the organ is crying “”uncle”” because it is toxic”

    I am a Registered Dietitian who had my gallbladder removed several years ago. I am 43 now, and was 36 when it was removed. The gallbladder is what allows your body to breakdown fats (by utilizing the bile stored there to allow your body to digest fat). I, too, have had many challenges with what foods I can eat (and what my body will tolerate). The best thing I found worked for me was not eating any foods that are very fatty. This doesn’t mean don’t ever eat good tasting food ever again….but choose what foods are important to you and if it’s worth the ensuing pain it creates. I was told post-op that in about 6 months, my body would adapt and digest everything fine…………..not true at all!!! So know that you’re not alone, and that, with time, you will find what foods you can tolerate and which ones are better left alone or eaten occasisonally. Hope I helped and good luck!

    Hello everyone, (this story has a happy ending) my girlfriend was suffering from the exact same symptoms as all of you, sharp pain in right shoulder, burning pain under rib, numbness whole right side, the worst of the worst. I stayed by her the whole time and was like many of you who suffered by seeing our loved ones suffer. So I started to research, this was just before her first hida scan and after ct scans, blood work a milloion times, everyone saying she’s crazy. I figured out that this was something with her gallbladder. 2 days later doc says she has 3% bile pass. Before she can even see the surgeon and a little while after a plate of wheat pancacks, I have to take her to the e.r. After alot of crying and morphine, they take out her gallbladder. They released her that day and after eating some crackers, she goes right bAck into the same pain. So I did more reasearch and found the “ciliac” syndrome, it may be listed above, thank you very much if it is. Anyway, while she said eveything was throbbing I touched her gland under her right jaw and she cried even harder, that’s when I realized that she was having an alergic reaction. (I saw someone have a reaction to peanuts) I gave her 2 benadryl and after a few minutes she said the throbbing and dizziness has gone down. I Researched some more and found out about how glutens can over time, make your gallbladder shut down or get stones. I looked at the cracker box and sure enough, wheat. What happens is kids go to the doctor with all these symptoms and the doctors just come up with something and let you wither in pain for ages, while they go on eating food you would never know had gluten and no one makes a connection. After a while, the gallbladder goes and nothing happens. If you want to test yourself, then the next time you have an attack, feel your glands, if they’re swelled, then that’s probably your problem. I asked the surgeon about ciliac and he had no idea. once you put two and two together you’ll realize that many doctors and surgeons need a slap. I also realized that this affects women alot more than men. I hope this helps you because my reasearch saved my girlfriend from alot of heartache. Oh, we also talked to a girl who went through this and she gave us alot of advice, she said reading lables and just knowing what to look for will save your life.

    “I had my gallbladder out last Saturday. It has only been a week, I know but I am pretty sure I have dumping syndrome. I read that if you had this diarrhea problem PRIOR to the surgery, it is probably NOT related to the gall bladder. That just does not make sense to me.
    My gallbladder was so necrotic and gangrenous that I am sure it was not working for quite sometime, despite my having only ONE attack. If my gallbladder is not functional, isn’t it fair to say that you would have an excess of bile thus causing diarrhea? It only makes sense to me.

    So, here’s my take on it. All my doctors act as if gallbladder removal is as simple and symptom free as removing a wart. The did not inform me as to what to watch out for, what to expect. I am now VERY concerned that at 37, my QUALITY OF LIFE, has been diminished because of my frantic trips to the bathroom. It may seem like a small problem in lieu of other problems, but when you measure your life by its “”quality”” it is a serious problem and should be treated that way.

    I have yet to meet ONE gallbladder removal patient who has NOT experienced this problem. Granted, I had no choice but to remove the gallbladder as it was severely infected and gangrenous. I did not want to die. That being said, WHY does it seem that the surgeons who perform our operations, refuse to properly inform us? Are we not adults who deserve the whole picture? Can’t we be trusted with the information?
    Sorry for this diatribe, but I am too young to limited in this way. It makes me angry. Thanks for listening. ”

    “gB surgery seems like a recommendation that the doctors get to pretty quickly. In my case the PCP heard my complaints of abdominal pain attacks, ordered an ultrasound. That found gallstones. Pain + gallstones = surgery, even though my pain locations were atypical for GB disease. I never even saw a GE — went straight from my PCP to a surgeon.

    Turns out the GB had nothing to do with my pain. Don’t have a GB anymore, still have pain, looks like it’s stomach spasms. Fortunately there were no complications from that useless surgery. Just a few cute scars, perhaps some ongoing sensitivity to fatty foods, and some out-of-pocket expenses I didn’t need to pay.

    A doctor told me “”sometimes the treatment is itself a form of diagnosis””. In other words, it may be your GB, we’ll cut it out and see if that’s the problem. I do understand the concept, but hate to surrender my organs 1-by-1 to narrow down illnesses!! ”

    Gastroparesis after gall bladder surgery
    Was told by a highly regarded Motility expert which stated that it is very likely that my GP was a result of my GB surgery. there were a ton of adhesions that he had to manuver around. My GI doc, and Lawyer are convinced that it was the cause.. Like someone else said on this thread. The vagus gets bangged around and such during surgeey. Plus it dont take much. Also, myself, and alot of others on here are in the same exact prediciment that you are. Docs stick up for other docs. Of course there gonna tell you it aint possible. Well, it is possible, and I’m living proof of that. My lawyer has just found out from many so-called “experts” that a vagul injury can be a risk of a lap GB. And you are right. It doesnt go near the GB. So, then hore is it a DAMN risk if your not even in tgat area?? I an extremly frustrated right now with Dr s, Surgeons, Lawyers, hell, all of em!! Buch of corrupt, greedy,people that have ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY!! Dont let then tell you its not possible..

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