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Ongoing Complications (1000+)

  • I had an open chole 2 years ago. Iam about 50 pounds over weight. I have actually gained 25 in 2 years of haveing my gallbladder taken out! I am experiancing some strange feelings or almost movements in that area and where my large ugly scar is. Iam almost positive its like nerve tissues or something that hasnt connected all the way and maybe giving these strange sensations? it feels like a flutter or a baby kicking? My skin is also numb like when you go to the dentist and have novacaine. Has anyone had this feeling at all? I want to go to the doctor but of course dont have insurance, but if its normal or will go away soon I dont want to bother going to the doctor if its nothing to worry about. There is no pain but it’s just makeing me think something just isnt right!

    “I had a laproscopic op to remove my Gall Bladder on Sept 1st 2007. Prior to being admitted as an emergency I was not aware that I had gall stones. Apparently I had an acute gall bladder problem. I was an in patient for a week which I have found out from other post op friends is unusual most have been sent home the same day as their op. They did say my liver counts were high if that had anything to do with my prolonged stay.

    I was in good health prior to collapsing with the pain and was more than happy that I did not have to have the open surgery. I thought that I would be back to myself within a week or two. This could not be farther from the truth. The reality is I have been so ill since the surgery, I have not had a pain free day since the op. I have lost a lot of weight and I cannot tolerate a lot of things because they either give me more pain or make me feel nauseous. I have also found that I am hypersensitive to smells.

    I have constant pain at the bottom of my right rib cage area which goes through to my back and then goes up under my shoulder blade. I have been given various pain relief management remedies which can either make me unable to function or not worth the prescription charge. At the moment I feel totally miserable cant even laugh without it hurting me. The worst thing being no-one seems to have any answers as to when I am going to get better. I am not some sort of attention seeker I just want my life back! I would like to have answers to why this pain is there because it is dragging me down. I have now been referred back to the consultant that operated, but I can’t see what good that is going to do.

    Since I have had my Gall Bladder removed in 1998 I ssem to have diarrhea and had been diagnosed with IBS. I notice that generally it occurs after fasting or if I eat a high fat content diet. I am wondering if I could have a form of dumping syndrome? I know that IBS can come any many shapes and forms but I rarely ever have constipation with it just diarrhea. Since here recently it has gotten to the point that everytime I eat (generally after fasting or eat a high fat contenet diet) I have diarrhea. It has become hard to go anywhere after I eat because I have to run to the bathroom let alone trying to go to work after eating. Any suggestions or I deas as to if I may have dumping syndrome, I know you are generally here for advice but if you can help me and point me in the right dircetion I would appreciate it.

    “This is my first time on this site and while reading yours and Debbie’s post, I thought it sounded alot like what is going on with me. I know its been a few months since your post, but I was hoping that maybe you found some answers. What types of foods make you sick? Did you have an ERCP test? I was getting sick a month after my gallbladder surgery and it was because of open lesions at the bottom of my esophagus. They gave me a medication that acted like a liquid bandaid, so that I could eat and my esophagus could heal. I had my gallbladder out 3 years ago and havent been right since. I have tenderness and pressure at the bottom of my esophagus. I get sick from eating raw fruits and vegetables. Especially on an empty stomach. I have found over the years that eating canned fruits and cooked vegatables in small amounts and after you have food in your stomach seems to help. I was diagnosed with GERD and take nexium but still no explanation why I still am getting sick from the foods. I am now in the process of more tests. What I was told so far is that some of the pain is coming from the top incision and when you eat gassy foods, your stomach bloats and puts pressure at the point of incision and causes pain. Not sure yet why the foods are causing problems, they are steering towards bile duct scarring.

    Thanks for listening and hope that you found some relief. Lisa

    Thank you Thank you Thank you All of you wonderful people! I’ve telling people for years that my gallbladder surgery is what has led to my uncontrollable weight gain and no one especially doctors truly believe me. I had mine removed almost 14 years ago a month after my son was born. I had never been skinny but I was always in control when I chose to take control and lose weight. After the surgery I started gaining at such an alarming rate and I tried to eat perfectly and exercise and I just kept gaining. Within 5 years I was up 120 lbs. I finally got desperate (after a doctor actually said I had hand to mouth disease!!) and got some diet pills at the vitamin shop that contained ephedra. Well I felt fantastic because I was on SPEED! I walked, danced, yoga, tai bo all day long. I didn’t have an appetite and I sometimes couldn’t sleep so I’d walk a few miles in the middle of the night. I lost 100lbs over 2 years time. Then they took it off the market. I was so ANGRY! That was about 6 years ago and I have trained for 2 half marathons and walked 13.1 miles in each of them and I am a gardener so my job has my body working all the time. I eat loads of veggies and hardly any bad stuff. And I have gained 60lbs. back. I have asked countless doctors to help and they look at me like they expect me to binge on 5 hamburgers on the way home. They don’t have any respect for my problem. And now because of you I know I’m not alone. I am going to try bile salts and I’m going to take these messages to my doctor and shove them down her throat! Thanks!

    I was diagnosed with a non-functioning gallbladder with no stones and had it removed this past January. I went to Cleveland Clinic and found out I have peripheral neuropathy and celiac disease. NOW I finally understand why my gallbladder failed with no stones!

    Hi everyone…after reading your posts I know that I am not alone. I had my gallbladder out in April, and although I absolutely cannot eat fat or I get an “attack”, the main problem is weird. The main problem is that I get bloated, extremely rotten egg/sulphur smelling burps with bad upper stomach cramps. It is awful. Nausea, too. Anyone know what this is? I’ve had negative CT scans, etc…my UGI showed narrowed pylorus. Emails are fine. Thanks! Kim

    i had my gall bladder removed about a year ago at age 22, it just wasnt functioning, it would continue to contract and wouldnt release for HOURS causing extreme pain. After my surgery i felt better pain wise but i was just waiting for my energy level to increase. Well i still feel drained all the time, i have an extreme intolerence for alcohol, and no matter what i eat i feel as though my body is not absorbing any of the nutrients. I lost 12 lbs before my surgery due to the pain i would experience every time i ate. My family all said i looked so sickly at 5’7′ 113lbs. i looked forward to getting my energy back and regaining my healthy physique. But still to this day i am constantly plagued with fatigue, hard time concentrating, and constantly going to the bathroom. As a result i still havent put on a single pound and am still be told by family that i look ill. I have been into the doctors several times and they tell me this is all a normal part of recovery. I dont miss the pain one bit but i must say i miss my old lifestyle, so if you dont have to have it removed i would hold off as long as possible. for me its been an uphill battle both ways.

    “The shoulder pain is from the anesthesia. It will pass! I had my surgery on 3/3/09 and the only answer I can give anyone is: CUT OUT THE FAT! I fortunately haven’t had any diarrhea but my symptoms had been ongoing for so long, I actually changed my diet about one month before the surgery so my body has adjusted to eating non-fat! About 3 days after my surgery I had tons of GAS which is common after this or any belly-button surgery. Get a bottle of Maximum strength Maalox (I like the Berry flavored) this will immediately give you relief from the gas. I also sent my boyfriend out to buy a chili dog for me. After eating half of it (it was really gross cause like I said, I haven’t eaten like that for awhile) the gas ripped. LOL! I really felt better. I was up and out of the house 4 days after my surgery shopping. My belly button is still tender but I feel really good and I’ve lost 10 lbs in about one month.

    Eat whole grains, fruits, lots of vegetables and drink plenty of water. The doctors tell you that you can resume your regular diet – YOU CAN’T – unless of course you want to feel miserable. The other day I wanted to test the fat theory so I bought a pork taco. I vomited and was nauseated all night long. It’s just not worth it so I’m exercising and sticking to a healthy meal. If I had eaten this way all along I would have never had my GB out! Life lessons– hmmmmmm! ”

    “sorry in advance for any typoes.. im on a laptop..and the keys have seen better days.

    I am hoping i might be able to get some ideas here before they deccide to do some embarrising type of diagnostic test on me.. here is a bit of my history.. 3 weeks ago i had Gallbladder surgery.. i had an attack one time.. wierd thing is he said i was packed with Gallstones and full of infection.. but i only had pain one time? so i have the surgery.. they send me home the next day. day after im running a temp so back i go to the emergency room. im thinking they will give me antibiotics and send me home.. nope.. they hook me up..(after digging around for a vein. sigh) then make me drink this nasty stuff that tastes like chlorine.. a contrast they said for a cat scan.. had to drink 3 cups over 4 hours.. turns out i had double pnumonia.. and was one sick puppy.. they admit me.. and of course they get me on 2 different types of iv antibiotics and albuterol inhalation treatments. after my iv fails 4 times in 24 hours they hook me up to a picc line… i did get the runs after the surgery only after i drank that nasty stuff.. and that was the only reason.. so far since i got that out of my system.. i have a hard time going #2 its not a normal constipation.. its softer than normal.. but not too soft to be considered the runs..
    i had an xray.. and another ccat scan and both show i am paccked full.. yet i have to well.. strain to start things going.. the only other time i had the runs was after the barrium i had to drink for the second cat scan.. and that lasted only 4 hours.. doc said my gut has sounds.. but for some reason.. its not telling my boddy to evacuate.. i have gone.. but only after i sit and push and sit.. sigh.. ive tried miralax.. didnot work.. is there anything i should be watching out for? btw.. its not pain pills. i have them.. but rarely take them.. and have not taken any yet since i got back from the hospital.. i dont feel mucch like eating. but i force myself to hopeing that it will get things going.. i even eat the fatty foods.. and raw oatmeal and milk that usually would get me going in hopes that things will get going…. and nothing.. im stumped.. on a side note.. not sure if it has anything to do with this problem of mine. but i have had 10 years ago.. 2 back surgeries. 4 ruptured disks… and they wanted to fuse but at time i said no.. i have bacck problems again.. and wondering. can anything be pinched that will cause the large intestine part to say.. im on vacation? anything else should i ask my docc. ideas i can toss thier way to get the old brain.. (and other things) going.. thanks all in advance.”

    Has anyone experienced something that, the only way to discribe what I am feeling, every time I eat anything, it feels like a rubber band being snapped! Also anything anytime I eat, I fall asleep. None of this happened prior to having my gallbladder removed. Right after I was brused from chest to hips, it looked like I was beaten not operated on. My navel incision keeps splitting open, stuff comes out,(infection) my Dr. told me it is NOT infection even though my temp was 100.1 they said it that is normal and I know it is not normal! My normal and I am 52years old, I know my body, my normal temp is 97.8,96.5 I run low. I was thin before this whole thing happened,but since July 2012, toward the end of the month prior to July 30th being taken to a hospital I was unable to eat or hold down even water for 9 days. I lost a lot of weight, I am now under 100 lbs, I weighed 110-112 before. Everything smells weird,tastes horrible,I have no appetite, I’m nausious all the time, then the whole snapping thing,whatever that is,makes it so uncon=mfortable to eat anything. It will go on till the food is done digesting past the stomach. In the stomach, it will snap,snap,snap,, over and over for hours. it is not massive pain,but it is mild in pain,and it just sucks! Has anyone experienced a weird snap feeling after eating? Anyone? or is this just some other weird thing…

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