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Ongoing Complications (1000+)

  • about three months ago when i was about to go to bed i felt my heart racing and pain under my ribs on the left side. i guess i started to panic cuz my heart started to beat faster and i truely thought thats it i will leave behind to small children 3 and 6.

    i am so happy to read about all of your stories. i got my gallbladder removed about 4 months ago and i have diarrhea all the time. i thought my body would get used to it, but now i realize it will probably not and there are medicines for it. i, however, did not gain weight from the removal, but rather lost a lot because i am afraid to eat too much. i am still very young, only 18, and i am just very confused as to how i am supposed to live a healthy live and have a healthy diet when my body is acting so crazy. but now i am going to call my doctor and get medicine for this diarrhea. thanks for all of your postings, it truly helped.

    “I have been reading all of your thoughts after GB removal. I am in the same condition as all of you and also am Diabetic. I am at my wits end with the pain and reflux. I have lost 70 Lbs before surg. which was in nov. 2006. I am having breathing problems, throat problems, pain everywhere neck, shoulder, arms, legs. I can not seem to eat anything without problems. I am having problems being dizzy an lightheaded. I am always tired and have no ambition at all. This is just the start.
    I am sooo sorry to here that you are all having similar health problems. I never know how I will feel when I wake up. This is just wrong. My Dr. Says that about 20% of people after having there GB removed have these problems. He has me on Nexium and it is not helping at all. I was on Prevacid and that did not work.
    My diet is a bummer. I eat a lot of white rice, homemade bread without fat, French bread, some veg. and very little protien. Toast is one thing I can eat without butter. pasta without fat but it is such a problem.I feel I am slowly losing the battle. I am so weak and tired. Most of the time after I eat I have D within 5-20 min. and can continue for days. Nothing seems to help.
    One thing I need to say is that without GOD in my life I would not have made it.
    I will be praying for this group. I know we will find an answer with GOD’s help.
    I have a lot more to say but I need to goto town.
    Be blessed,
    Diskman (Terry)”

    “The sphincter is too tight, leading to painful, excess pressure in the ducts. This is a common disorder in young women with typical symptoms of biliary colic.
    Often their gallbladders are removed, sometimes even if no stones are found, and the diagnosis is only made later when further investigations reveal the high pressure in the sphincter.
    Another explanation for recurrent pain after a cholecystectomy is that more stones are present. Although stones usually form in the gallbladder, they can also form in the bile ducts, producing to the same symptoms. It may also be that a very tiny stone was left in the bile ducts at the time of surgery, and this stone has been slowly enlarging since. In rare cases, the duct leading into the gallbladder (the cystic duct) is not clamped and cut close to its base during the surgery. This can lead to an enlargement of the remaining part of the duct, which can also lead to more stone formation.”

    I had my gallbladder out about 2 months ago. I have drank a couple times since then. Once I had only beer, and was really pretty drunk but didn’t get sick. Once I had only wine and ended up back in the ER. Last night I had a mixture, wine and beer and didn’t allow myself to go to the ER but I definitely should have. It hurts so bad. It’s just like a gallbladder attack. I actually threw up this morning for quite a while. Not that there was anything to throw up though. It makes me really consider ever drinking again. It’s so bad. I knew it was an option before I drank last night, but hey…I’m single, live in a new state, don’t know anyone and had a bad day…what are my options?

    “Did the endoscopy or upper GI show any gastritis? Do you have a hiatal hernia? With such strong symptoms, I would have thought something would be found. What dosage of Nexium are you taking?? I just started taking Nexium (40mg) each morning and it seems to be helping. I have dropped the famototine (pepcid AC) which I was taking twice daily. I am hoping the stomach/chest pain/burning stop now. I too had my gall bladder removed last Feb 12. Seemed to cure my chronic indigestion, but these pains never went away. My endoscope did show gastritis and a hiatal hernia. I have been without nighttime pain for 5 nights now, but have continued to have daytime pain. So far today I am okay though…hoping Nexium is doing the trick.

    If there is any doubt at all, have a cardiologist rule out heart issues. Heart problems can be as difficult to diagnose as digestive problems. Both can mimic the other. So be sure your heart is okay. ”

    I had my gallbladder out, and 1 year later, after another 20 min. procedure for something else, I woke up swollen. Since then I have gone from size 2 to size 10. My belly looks at least 6 months pregnant. I take Citracel and eat shreaded wheat, which help move my bowels. But, I want to be my size again. I am so uncomfortable. I feel like another person is sitting on top of me. I thank God, I don’t have pain, but, I do have Barretts esophogus because of the bile it is causing. I pray your solution works. Please update on how you are doing. Thank you.

    i had mine taken out in 2001, i have had diarrhea all these years. When i first had it taken out everything i ate threw my to the bathroom, over the past 4 yrs it has gone away a little . If i eat greassy food its a free ticket to the bathroom. the cramps keep on tell ur dr to send u bentyle for the cramps. ibs is what ur going to have now. good luck let me kno if u need anything more

    I do not think that drinking the recommended amount of water would have helped. I drink more than 64oz of water a day and I still have gallbladder problems and need to have it taken out in the near future.

    I am getting the same thing. I hade my gallbladder out Oct 15 2010. Since then after I eat fatty foods, ( which I am cutting down on) I get intense pain that starts in my mid abdomin, radiates to my back, and is severe I can not even talk or walk. In fact, I just spent an hour on my office floor in tears. I called my Doc for some answers. After reading things, I think it is from my liver because I am eating food that is too fatty and I dont have enough bile to break down the rest of the food, but let me tell you, this can not be normal. I can not live with this pain on and off forever. Sure I will cut out food that causes the pain, if thats what it is, but as I experiment I will have what I call a flare up. I read flaxseed oil can help, but when this pain starts theres no moving to the herb cabinet.

    I had my gall bladder removed in Dec. 2008, in Feb.2009 I started having the same pain on my right upper side as I had before surgery. I have had countless ultrasounds and CT scans, results normal. I had an endoscope which showed redness and largenarities (misspelled), I don’t know what that means, but sample was sent to the lab. I have to wait 10 days for those results. I also had a colonoscopy and had one pylop removed also lab and 10 day wait. I was given nexium by my primary Doctor but was on it for only three days due to the prep I had to do. So I called my Doctor to tell him what I had been told and to ask for help. The Dr. I went to in Dec. had given me 2 anitbotics to take untill the blood test came back for ulcers. It was neg. so she told me to quit taking the antibiotics. I found out today that I had H. pylori back in Dec. and the Dr. that did the surgery had wrote that I was being treated for this H. pylori. I have a history of cancer in my family and that really scares me, but I think with the ultrasounds and CT scans and endoscope that would have been found. I have started back on the Nexium today. I stay away from Italian food as that tends to bother me. I can only do so much at a time before the pain get unbearable and I have to lie down or just rest. I have been off work because of this. I sleep but with pain pills so I can get some sleep. I sleep flat on my stomach it’s the only way I can that feels comfortable. I do fine first thing in the morning then after about an hour or less the pain starts and doesn’t lighten any unless I rest. I don’t know what to do except try the Nexium and probably go on the antibiotics for the H., pylori,which is what? Thanks for listening this has helped some by getting it off my chest.

    I had my gallbladder removed in 1996. I have had difficulty eating every since. There is only a few things I can eat that will not make me sick. I will double over with cramps and find myself in the bathroom. Most of the time I am in the bathroom before I finish a meal. I have lived with this for all these years and it is very hard to deal with. My husband doesn’t understand why I don’t like going out to eat. It is because I have to leave him half way thru dinner or I am rushing him to get me to a bathroom shortly after we leave. I have never done any research on this till now. Any information will be helpful. Thanks

    thats my problem too since I had my g/b removed. try eating fruits or products that contains resveratrol. I help me so much. Everything was normalized when I take resveratrol. No more poooping with loose bowel and Im getting back to my previous figure. I stopped gaining weight. Product was introduced to me by a friend who is a medical researcher and at the same time an oncologist. am living a normal life now after g/b removal.

    gosh how much more are millions going to have to suffer with this, 3 mos ago I was a healthy 34 female worked out at the gym, worked , have a 5 year old very active in her school, worked in my garden alot then I started to get nausea every meal then losing weight then started to feel sickly so my family doc said oh you have a virus it will pass, 2 mos later with the same nausea feeling i went to the doc they did a ultrasound and said oh tell you the test results in a few weeks WHAT!!! they put me on aciphex at that time the next day mom rushed me to the emergency room and 8 hours later my gall bladder came out with guarantee from the doc oh it will be better youll be back to normal, a day later came home started eating felt great better then ever 2 weeks later exactly the symptoms came back nausea every meal so i said well as a nurse i did some research on aciphex it was causing some of the symptoms i started having so stopped taking that, 2nd day is today no aciphex made a appt and saw the gastro’s nurse the doc was nto available they put me on zofran for the times I really need it.. hello that would be all the time, doing a upper gi in 6 weeks being i just had surgery i have no pain no bloating just nausea every meal and when i wake up and when I go t sleep which now I have to take tylenol pm every night to go to sleep or else I cant, this has totally ruined my life I have tried to be strong through this but it seems that crying about the pain is my only release i am not in position to go to the gym with how I feel i can ride my bike and take short walks but the nausea has changed my entire life to be non existent no sex life i cant feel good enough to even think about it, i use to go out and play with my daughter and work in my garden that has stopped I sit on the swing and watch her play, i know its only been 3 weeks now since Ihad the surgery but my nausea should be gone i should not be feeling the symptoms of this my family says oh its all in your head..!!! im like yea I want to be like this

    “So good to hear that others suffer from the same symptoms! I had my gall bladder out abt 6 yrs ago and I often have “”attacks”” that result in lowr right quadrant pain, feeling bloated, as though food is not digesting, often reflux. I have kept food diaries but there doesn’t seem to be any pattern, or warning.

    My Dr. told me that I was probably experiencing problems with small stones and since they did not have the gall bladder to reside in, they had to be passed thorugh the intestines which could be painful (the understatement of the year!)

    I do take digestive enzymes and they help a bit. I too have to stay away from red meat as much as possible. Fats are a killer and some processed foods do a number on me as well.

    Had I known this would be the case, I may have reconsidered the gall bladder surgery! ”

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