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Ongoing Complications (1000+)

  • Ongoing Complications (1000+)

    I too have been sick for months and it seems that the doctors have just dropped the ball. Tests in Aug. show appendix filled with stones (never heard of this before) and that there was a small 2.5 leison on the right lobe of my liver. Had three CT cans and then one ultra sound saying that I have a 5 mm gallstone or polup in my gallbladder. I have gastritis and I have said from the beginning that it was caused by bile. Anyway am on an acid blocker to help it heal. I get so nausiated if I do not keep food in my stomach all the time. I get chills at times and sweats at others mainly at night. I have told the doctors that I can actually feel something moving through my liver to my gallbladder but they do not seem to hear me and I guess they think I am a bit crazy. When this happens after a while I can feel it on the left side where the small intestines start. At times I have a lot of burping. Whatever that I feel moving around does not feel like gas most of the time and an empty stomach is so bad for me and I get the shakes at times until I eat. I thought maybe it was a sugar problem but it is not. My lymph system tests show all sorts of highs and lows but the doctors did not follow up on this. My Hepatitis blood work came out within the normal ranges. I have been referred to a surgeon but do not want to have surgery until I find out more about the liver and functioning of the gallbladder. I am not sure what tests will show how the liver is working possibly an MRI. I am going to request a gallbladder ejection study and hope they will do it. I am so tired of being sick all the time. If I eat fresh veg. mainly greens the liver pain and stomach pain is worse which suggests to me too much bile because I do know those things will cause more bile production. I like to eat lots of salads and fruit but with the pain in my stomach have to leave the fruit alone with the exception of bananas and I cannot eat greens or salad stuff. I do eat one plain yogurt a day but find it sad that I have to eat foods other than the real healthy stuff in order to have some relief. I do not eat fatty foods and have not eaten fast foods for years but still I have a mild fatty liver. I have never drank and up until now have not taken prescription medication. I do have some bowel issues but have been told to take MiraLax which has helped with that big time. Does anyone else have any of these problems and do you know of any other tests I can request? I wish I lived near a good hospital that would just admit me and do tests until they find an answer. To me it seems the doctors are not interested. I have also had the test where they put the camera in your stomach (twice), and a small intestine test. I believe more testing and blood work needs to be done because if it is excess bile then once the gallbladder is removed the problem could get better or worse and I am afraid to take a chance. I do not want to get any worse because I do not have a life as it is and have not for months. As I write this I can actually feel like something is traveling around into the small intestines – just a funny sensation and it all scares me. I would appreciate talking to anyone who has experienced these symptoms. Karen

    I had my gallblatter removed on July 4rth. I still have some nausea in the mornings sometimes. The Doctors have said I am fine. Why the nausea and how long can it last?

    I had my gallbladder removed in January 2013. I was scared to do this procedure because I had never had surgery before, but the doctor assured me everything would be fine. Reading all of these comments actually made me realize that I do get diarrhea after I eat. I didn’t think much of that until now! I had gallbladder removed due to too much soft drinks, which caused the gallstones!! Sodas are so bad for you! I did change my lifestyle after surgery. I workout everyday, but have noticed I’ve been gaining weight rather than losing! So weird! It’s so difficult to lose weight for me anyway. I want to see a doctor about that, but like a lot of other people have no insurance, and on top of that still paying gallbladder surgery! Another thing I noticed when I had the gallstones was that I would break out in hives like CRAZY! When I would sweat, be cold, after eating something, which I really blame it on the gallstones because never in my life had I broken out with hives until diagnosed with gallstones! Then again everything was wrong with me at that time, I lost a lot of weight, my hair was falling, due to not eating much, since I was scared I would get the pain again, and I just felt the life sucked out of me period! A true reality check! Now, I feel so much better, healthier, and best of all don’t have to deal with that awful pain, but like all others I do feel that there should be a gallbladder transplant. It just doesn’t feel right not having an organ that you basically were born with!! Either way, I’m thankful that I’m still alive and get to enjoy watching my son grow up.

    “I had GB surgery about 3 months ago and have gained 25 pounds despite dieting and exercise. Does anyone have similar problems, suggestions, or solutions…help!!


    I read with great interest the posts on weight gain after gall bladder surgery. I had my gall bladder removed 6 months ago. I have maintained a constant weight and waistline for all my adult life. Since removing GB, my waist has gone from 33 inches to 35

    use “FiberCon” (I got mine at Wal mart) I know its a fiber laxative but it works!!!!!!!!! had my gallbladder out in 1993 and had diarrhea almost every morning(20 years!!) 🙁 its now 2013. My daughter had hers out this year and I had her to ask her Dr. and he said for me to take FiberCon but not as directed!! you need to take 2 in the morning and just drink enough water to swallow the pills and eat like you normally do. and if 2 doesn’t work use 3….(2 worked for me). And the Dr. said if you get constipated don’t stop taking the pills just drink more water…I hope this helps..I know how it is when your on a family trip and not being able to eat because you know It will send you straight to the bathroom.

    Thank goodness I found this website! I was worried about the pain Im in after my gall bladder emoval surgery, but thanx to this website I can see that I am completely normal. Its been 6 days since my surgery, and I am still in a bit of pain and really battling to walk. That day after my surgery, I only had liquids. I first woke up in terrible pain, but fell asleep again and woke up ok. That night I was able to sit up for little bits at a time. I battled to sleep that night though because I could only sleep in one position without too much pain. I could walk around very slowly when going to the bathroom. The next morning I could sit up while eating with still a bit of pain. I walked all the way to the car that day when I was released but with a lot of pain. The day i left the hospital I was already eating solid food fine! But fatty foods still make me feel a bit ill. The pain medication I was given really helped… until today when I ran out. I assumed it would be fine because that was all the medication I was given, but I really struggled with the pain. Tomorrow Im definately getting another perscription! Since my surgery, I have just been resting, watching lots of tv and eating tons of fruit. I just hope that I am able to walk soon to get back to work. I was under the impression that I would be 100% after just a few days… I wish they had prepared me for the reality. I have been constipated since and also had difficulty breathing deeply. Otherwise I have been eating normally and sleeping a lot! Thank you for everyones stories! They have really put me at ease. 🙂

    Although im sorry everyone is going through this, im just glad i am not the only one with these symptoms. I had my galbladder removed a little over a year ago. I had gall stones and sever pain. I spent several months on heavy pain killers just to ease the pain a little. I was told after my surgery that i would be able to eat anything i want and live a healthy life. I was fine for about a month and then started getting sick. I spend a lot of time in the bathroom with pain clenching diarrhea which leaves me exhausted. I have a two year old son, but i can do as much with him as i want because i am always getting sick. My regular doctor put me Bentyl and it sometimes works but not all the time. Sometimes i am getting sick even though i have not eaten anything. My husband is frustrated that im always sick and can never go out to eat. I try to explain that im not lazy, but being stuck in the bathroom getting violently ill really takes it out of a person. Im behind on house work. i catch up when i have a few days without getting sick. I’m turning 25 this year and i feel like an old woman. I hate enjoy life and i am often depressed about this. I am also gaining a lot of weight even though i cant each much and constantly have diarrhea. I put out more than i take in yet i keep getting bigger. My husband doesn’t find me very attractive, which i cant blame him. I feel so unsexy and ugly and bloated. This was supposed to make my life better, but instead it is getting worse….i know i am throwing a pitty party, but im just so tired of being sick. i no longer feel like a real person. the days go by…my son is getting bigger and i feel like i am missing out on life. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? i sure hope soo. im not sure how much longer i can take this.

    “Well here is my story. Today is May 30, 2012 and I had my gall bladder removed 2 weeks after the birth of my 2nd son in 2008. I discovered I had gall stones when I was about 5 weeks pregnant so I lived my entire pregnancy in complete misery. I was on a very strict diet and any little slip up would send me quick to the emergency room. I would only eat bread, water and soups and sometimes plain pasta with no sauces. I couldn’t wait for my surgery and the first couple months after surgery it felt like I had gotten my life back I was able to eat anything I wanted. I was so happy. I probably overdid it since I was making up for everything I couldn’t have while pregnant. A few months after my surgery I started noticing pain in my stomach at random times but mostly after greasy foods. I started watching what I ate again and I still have issues. I go from constipation to diarhea.
    It’s been almost 4 years now and I’m still dealing with this. I’m now pregnant again with my 4th child and it feels like things are getting worse. It seems like anything sets it off. I’m so upset because I’m scared to eat. Everything seems to turn into very painful gas in my stomach. It’s embarrassing and horrible going through this while at work. I gave notice this week because it’s so unbearable I’d rather be home dealing with this. I’m also hardly ever hungry now. I’m pregnant yet I’m only eating once maybe twice a day. Throughout the years I’ve gone to the doctor numerous times and they always come back with results that don’t mean anything to me. Supposedly I have acid reflux yet I never have heart burn and that wouldn’t explain why I have pain in my stomach on my side and sometimes lower part of my stomach. I also have hypothyroidism. Haven’t read anyone else mention it so I’m sure it has nothing to do with it but thought I’d throw it out there. Been reading all the suggestions and want to give them a try just not sure what is pregnancy safe. I’ll be asking my dr about all these next week. I hope we all figure this out soon!”

    I had this same issue after I had my gallbladder out and I had condition called Dysfuntioc of Oddie and I had a sphincerotomy and a temporary pancreatic stent. Pain is almost 85% gone!!!

    “I am an 18 year old male, and starting last december, i began having abdominal pain in the lower right side. i went to the dr, and was told that it was just a virus, nothing to worry about. it continued for 2 weeks, and i went to a GI dr, and he originally thought apendix. I had an ultrasound, and a 4mm gallstone was found in the gallbladder, but it was thought to be inconsequential. I had a CAT scan done, and that determined that it was indeed the gallbladder. I had it removed Jan 17 of this year, after multiple visits to the ER with pain. The surgery went fine, and I was told to expect some level of discomfort for about a month.

    After a month, I decided to try a slice of pizza for lunch. The next day, I had horrible pain, worse than anything I have ever felt, and I have broken bones, cut tendons, and many stupid injuries, and 8 surgeries counting the gall bladder.

    3 months later, after being good, i tried fried shrimp. the next morning at 5 am, i collapsed from the pain, and threw up multiple times. it took two vicodin 5-750 pills to finally cut the pain. the same thing happened in late june of this year as i was going to work.

    I usually have some level of pain each day, and take ibuprofen every 4 hours to deal with it, vicodin if it gets bad.

    This past month, the pain has increased, and not gone away. I slowly stopped eating things, and am currently down to Chicken noodle soup, mostaccioli, and ensure protein shakes. I have lost 40lbs since the surgery, and I was not at an unhealthy weight to begin with. I went back to the GI, and after blood tests, an endoscopy, ultrasound, Gastric emptying, and finally this past monday a nuclear test for sphincter of oddi dysfunction, i have an answer.

    I have been diagnosed with Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, and will be having an ERCP/ sphincterotomy this upcoming tuesday. I have seen so many comments about how people have post gall bladder surgery issues, and I wonder how many cases could be this. If you are suffering, I encourage you to ask your dr about Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction. Good luck everyone, I hope you all get answers and successful treatment if necessary :)”

    I had my gallbladder in Sept of 08, never sick before, after the surgery I started getting this pain in the lower area of my ride side, my ribs, if I have to sneeeze LORD HAVE MERCY, how painful. after reading all of these I guess I am just going to have to find a way to live with it, or get hooked on pain pills, this is rediculous! :'(

    I had my gallbladder surgery Feb 16, 2012. Since having the surgery I Have nausea, upper stomach pain almost everyday. I feel like I live on pepto-bismo & dramanine. I also take Zantac twice a day. I’ve had blood test run, all was normal. It is very depressing and I usually have to lay down till the pain goes away. Any suggestions????

    Hello, I had gallbladder surgery about 2 years ago and I am experiencing the same…..Just within the last month my belly in the area of surgery has changed and I feel like iam constricking my stomach muscles but I’am not… think I could have same… have had bad diarrhea a lot……Watery and so much mucus…….Uncontrollable….. Hope this helps you as yours has helped me……

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