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    had my GB out 4 yrs ago and started having troubles similar to you. Docs were useless – the attitude was like, we’re done with you, you’ve operated on already. They actually (stupidly) think that Gallstones are cured by taking out the gallbladder – they both start with “”gall”” – duh.

    daocmom, like me you have liver congestion. You need to learn about this, it is exactly your problem and mine too. With no GB stones stay in the liver. Also your bile flow is slowed, this makes you feel terrible

    First of all you really, really need to clean up your diet- eat vegetables, salads, greens nuts, fruit. You can eat fish and chicken and lean meats. Stay away from mass carbohydrates, bread, rice potatos – this is why you get hugry all the time – it’s a vicious cycle.

    Next – do the liver flush, you need it bad. You will probably kick out hundreds of stones

    Second, fish oil and other supplements (too numerous). I have also discovered that suprisingly mint has great effect on improving bile flow. Really! This really works for me. get some Mint and eat it raw. You will notice your bile starting to flow.

    Thrid, you have to do some kind of exercise. I run 5 days a week. All of this gets you back to decent functioning health.

    I am 36 and also had my galbladder removed because of attacks. after surgery nothing changed,the attacks continued and the docter who did the surgery treated me like garbage. After ultrasounds, X-Rays, blood tests,etc.etc.he told me to stop bothering him,there was nothing else he could do.After several more attacks I spoke to a triage nurse at the emergency room who told me the same thing happened to her but she did’nt have any gallstones. finally she was told by a gastroenterolagist to start taking at least 3tablespoons of whole husk psyllium everyday,I mix mine with vanilla flavered soy milk and a scoop of chocolate flavored protien vitamin powder,like slim fast.the next day after talking to the nurse I also saw my primary care docter who told me I probably had an ulcer along with a spastic asophagus.He started me on prevecid that day and I picked up the psyllium at the health food store on the way home.I went two weeks without an attack and stopped taking the prevecid.about two weeks later I whent 2days without psyllium and had an attack. whole husk psyllium acts like a sponge and absorbs much of the bile and acid thats dumped into your stomoch and then takes it straight out of your body ,thats why it needs to be whole husk because it’s non soluable.I made the mistake of discontinuing my use of prevecid before my stomoch had a chance to heal so now Im doing another 4weeks of it.I always keep a can of strawberry or chocolate slim fast with me when Im out and about because I find that it coats my stomach really well and keeps me from getting to hungry and keeps my stomach from being too empty,wich is when acid and bile will hurt it the most.Psyllium also helps with I.B.S (irritable bowel syndrome)wich can cause many of the same symptoms.I hope it works for you.

    Hi, i had my gallbladder taken out in the year 2000. I have had digestive problems with constipation and i was told as well that i have IBS. I have very much trouble with extreme bloating and having a hard time keeping my waistline slim. I was told to take digestive enzymes for the fact that i no longer have my gallbladder to aid in digestion. Digestive enzymes have all the neccessary enzymes that your body needs to digest and without your gallbladder these enzymes might be insufficient in your body. Especially bile. Digestive enzymes gives you that bile that you are missing without your gallbladder. If you are having trouble with bloating then this should help and it might help for your diarrhea as well but i’m not sure about that. Without your gallbladder the body is definitley not digesting properlly cause of that extra bile missing and u need a digestive enzyme to get that back. I hope this helps. Good Luck!

    I had my gallbladder removed 6 months ago…I do not have weight gain issues, although I have other complications. I too have diarrhea BADLY…every morning about 3-4 times within an hour of waking up, my food also “rushes” through my system forcing me to find a bathroom ASAP after I eat. AVOID FAT AND RICH FOODS… THIS WORSENS THE RIGHT SIDE PAINS, AND LOOSE STOOLS. Also, I take 2 GAS-X pills everymorning now, this helps with gas and bloating. I also take a vegetable/fruit vitamin, once a day, that has 3 full servings of each in it…this helps allow stools to be more formed.

    “I had my gall bladder removed and my IBS symptoms showed up about 6 months later. Believe me, i understand that pain completely. Its been about 2 years now. I’ve lived on Imodium (immodium) and Welchol. However i have developed spine problems and am given pain medication and my IBS all but went away. I still get an attack at least once a week but its a lot better than 5 times a day, every day. I actually got my appetite back.

    One other thing stay away from fried fatty foods, it will make your symptoms worse, eat lots of fiber and protein.”

    “Both I and a friend found relief from the diarrhea and post-hepatic dumping syndrome or whatever you want to call it by doing the Atkins Diet (with some modifications with trial and error). Also, a product called Mediclear seems to help. I’m experimenting with that right now. I did the cleansing diet with it as per instructions (kind of hard but possible) and it really knocked the problem back significantly. Now I’m trying to see if I can get on a maintenance schedule without using as much and not so many dietary restrictions. A fair number of people that have GB’s out develop gluten intolerance as well.

    I’m really ticked that allopathic medicine has not figured this out better. I get a lot of “”deer in the headlights”” looks when I talk about this or seek answers/help from regular physicians.”

    Have you had a 24hr Ph impedance test?with an implanted electrode(bravo capsule)this will tell you if you have bile reflux or acid reflux.It will also show the food,fluids and the way the acid is flowing.

    I had a Gb removal back in 1981. Initially, there was some weight gain immediately following, basically due to eating many of the things I was afraid to eat for fear of a possible attack. However, once I began eating several small meals a day and incorporated the much needed water the weight gain began to taper off. I also discovered minimizing my carb intake seemed helpful. Keep eating right and make sure you’re getting enough water.

    My mom had the same problem and found a doctor that actually helped. She takes a drug called Questrian on a daily basis and it has solved everything. You may want to have the same discussion with your doctor.

    i have the same everything always comes back normal hang in there ive had this for 7 years now and finally getting an answer now when they removed my gallbladder i felt great for two weeks then the pains albeit not as bad returned first was noticed straight after having my gallbladder removed came home in serious pain from the morphine try a good dose of buscopan with if you can get it amotripteline they work well good luck

    I had my GB removed 2 years ago. Sergery went wonderful 3 little sars you cannot even see. But yellow stool and running to the bathroom is the problem from time to time. Cholestromine works but I devide one scoop in four and take with meals. Also I add Cholacol bile salts (yes more bile but we are suffering from bile acid not salts because our fat is not absorbed) And yellow stool diahreha and cramping often caused by nonabsorbtion. So I am taking Cholestromine, Cholachol, Digest Basic by Enzimedica and Aline Probiotics. But take your meds away from Cholestromine: it binds your pills and take them on a way out. I take cholestromine in apple sauce followed 1 cup of water and then I eat my meal. It helps. When I am good: i have good days Beeng good means No more fat then 4 g per one meal No fried No marbled meat lots of (cooked for me cannot have raw) non starchy vegies(potatoes Yams feed bad bacteria and hurts our gut) no sweets except fresh fruits (limit) So vegies, cold water fish, organic chicken, meat No dali meats or cheeses. Aged Asiago cheese is ok with me a little. I hope it will help

    “I think perhaps my specific recommendations might be “”blocked out”” by this site, but I take Natural Sources Digestive Enzmes. I used to just take one or two as directed, but then I started taking more – before the meal and than also after the meal – and it helped even more.
    I think you probably just have to see what works best for you – good luck!”

    Have you ever been tested for Celiac disease? Bloating is a classic symptom, though there are many but gall bladder dysfunction can be a result of celiac disease as well. CD is very under diagnosed and has many, many different symptoms. I see your post is from 2007….

    I have also had my gall bladder removed over 2 years ago and sometimes feel pretty severe soreness and pain when I touch my right side under ribs and radiating around to my back on right side. I believe this is scar tissue. The only thing that has really helped me is to do stomach crunches 3x a week. Having stronger muscles around this area stopped some of my soreness but if you dont keep it up it will come back when your muscles atrophy.

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