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Post Gallbladder Surgery Complications – First 150 Testimonies

  • Malex & others, If you are contemplating having your GallBladder removed. Please don’t! Go,to a person who specializes in getting your GallBladder healthy again(Nutritionist,etc.) i had mine out 5 years ago. And,have pain,under my right breast(that is,so intense.) Reflux(Gerd), diareaha,constipation,nauseau,food allergies that i never had,before. I have to take Prilosec. And,i have another pilll for pain. ~ I read hundreds,of Blogs from people who have the same problem after having the GallBladder removed. It plays such an important role in digestion,of food. Without it! You may suffer the rest,of your life. I didn’t have a choice! Mine was,so big it had,to be removed immediately or I could have died.~ Google in Pain,under right breast,after gallBladder removed! You’ll be shocked at how many people have this plus numerous other ailments,after their Gallbladder is removed! ~Educate your self,if you can’t afford a Nutritionist. With,a computer you can do anything. Good Luck to Anyone with GallBladder Disease.~Suzanne D~

    “I am 30 years old and have many of the same symptoms as Kimberly. I had my gall bladder out two years ago and had terrible attacks for the year following my surgery. The pain was unbearable. The pain was the worst in my right side under my ribs and eventually spread across my entire abdomen. During my attacks my stomach became very, very tight. My attacks often occurred at night – they woke me from my sleep. They usually occurred if I was sleeping on my stomach. My attacks aren’t so severe now – knock on wood – but my stomach pain still often wakes me up at night. My right side is always tender and sore. I am always constipated, but when I take in more fiber, my pain in my right side gets worse. My doctor thinks my problems are caused from acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. I take Prilosec for the reflux and Levbid as needed. My attacks seem to get worse if I take Prilosec and Levbid on the same day (4 hours apart) for a few days in a row. I have trouble handling both of them, I think. I go to sleep on my back on two or three pillows, and I sleep with blocks under the head of my bed to keep the acid flowing down. I think this has helped quite a bit, since my attacks are usually more like episodes now than attacks. I can’t lay on my left side. When I do, my right side under my ribs feels very uncomfortable. My doctor thinks my bile duct is OK, because I have had blood tests done during attacks and everything was OK. I am glad my doctor hasn’t found a more serious problem with me, but I would like to feel normal again. If anyone has any advice, I would greatly appreciate it. I think there is something wrong other than the reflux and irritable bowel syndrome, but I don’t know how to figure out what the problem is. I have had an upper GI, X-Rays, CAT scans, endoscopy,and a colonoscopy. Everything came back fine except for my throat being inflamed from the reflux. Thanks again.
    Christine ”

    “Hey there,I’ve had this really bad pain under my right rib cage for a while, probably 5 years. I’ve gone to the doctor and he told me that it could be my gallbladder. Well, after they’ve tested me, they said that it doesn’t function as it should anymore, but they didn’t find any stones.
    The doctor told me to have it removed. But I didn’t do that until I’ve had the same attack last August again. But this time I’ve had it so bad that I couldn’t eat for several months right anymore. All I ate was oatmeal and light meals. It was misserable.I’ve felt like my food was constantly stuck in my throat. I got almost every single night for months this really bad pain in my right shoulder plate and the pain ran from my shoulder plate under my right rip cage. I constantly thought it was heartburn. I’ve had so bad pain that I cried and couldn’t sleep. The doctor told me that I had to have my gallbladder removed, that this was the reason. To make the story short, I got my gallbladder removed last November. BIG MISTAKE!!! I wish I could have it back!!! Since ever then it has gotten worse. I have still those really bad attacks. The pain always starts in my right shoulder blade and then it connects with the pain under the right rib cage. It feels like stabbing unbearable pain. It also feels like it is burning in there. That’s why I thought it was heartburn. But I am not sure about that anymore, since the pain is so strong. I am on acid medication since last August, which has been 10 months now. Nothing helps. I have a weird feeling in my throat, like something is stuck. It got worse after my surgery. A really weird feeling appeared in my throat, like a feeling that there is a hook on my inside gallbladder scar that is hooked up with my throat and it pulls down. it sounds weird, but that is the only way how to discribe it. I am in deep pain when the attack with the shoulder pain and rip cage pain are present. Which are right now there too. I’ve had to get up from sleep again because I can’t lay when this happens, to much pain. I am only 27 years old and I am so scared that I will have to live the rest of my life with this now. The cronic (chronic) pain is there during the day, but the attacks happen ever now and then.
    I need help but the doctors are without results. I have had so many things done. They looked down my throat, into my stomach, they’ve done an colonoscopy and all kinds of other things, they couldn’t find anything! Is there any doctor who has any Idea what this could be?? I NEED HELP! I am so depressed with this and frustrated. I want my life back as it was. HAPPY AND HEALTY! I have trouble being active in sports or walking! My life has changed because I am constantly in pain.
    I would appreciate help.
    Thanks! ”

    I thought maybe i was alone but i am not. I had my gall bladder removed a couple years ago and since then, i have had these pains in my entire abdomen. i usually get them every morning when i wake up. and especially when i have not eaten anything. I also have been having issues with food as well and going to the bathroom after a meal. I havent gone to a doctor yet cuz i have no money. but i am so sick of this that i think i might go. Im just glad i am not alone. If i could change back time, i wish i have never had that stupid surgery cuz all it has done is messed my insides up. oh well, i wish i had answers. let me know if yall find answers. thanks guys

    I had my gall bladder removed in 2002 and 2 weeks later I had the same pain in my upper abdomen but 10 times worse. I called 911 because I was on the road and had to pull over. I could barely talk the pain was so bad. These attacks have happened numerous times over the years and every doctor had a different reason. Acid reflux, IBS, and the list goes on. I have had a scope done 3 times and they haven’t found anything – even biopsies of my stomach. It seems to come on when I take any kind of opiate pain killer too. So then the docs said that I was allergic to opium. That hasn’t made life any easier. I’m in pain but pain killers cause more pain. Ususally I will throw up after the attacks are over and they last usually around 30 – 45 minutes. If anyone can help me out I’d be ever so thankful. I’m tired of docs looking at me like I’m nuts. Thanks, and I hope your pain gets better

    “ou are not alone. I had my GB removed and it hasn’t helped at all. I am trying to find help but no one will step up to the plate. I am beginning to despise the medical community. I saw a naturopath for a while and that went nowhere as well. If you find help please let us know about it.

    After my GB surgery I would wake up at night after a nightmare that I had some dental floss sticking out of my mouth. When I tried to pull the string out of my mouth it was like it was attached at the other end in my stomach. It is a misserable feeling having this constant sometimes unberable pain, I know. Try to stick it out and keep in touch, we have to share any news that may help each other or others. ”

    I am a female who is 42 yrs old, I had my gallbladder out 2 yrs ago, before this I suffered with the bouts of the diarrhea alot, but it seems worse now that I had my GB removed, I get Bile Salts Diarrhea, and it is terrible, it burns.. I suffer from Acid reflux/GERD as well..I feel like a prisoner in my own home, I have bad panic attacks when I know I have to go somewhere, and let me tell you I know where every bathroom is from here to the northpole seems like,lol, I get anxious and then I start suffering from chest pains, etc it feels like I am having a heart attack, in fact I have to go to the doctors today to get checked because I am having fluttering in my chest and heaviness etc for the last 2 weeks.. I have been sick for 8 months straight with one thing or another, vertigo etc, I think, maybe the fluttering & heaviness is caused from my vertigo/Labyrinthitis, but who knows, I hope it isn’t anything serious, like a heart attack..

    I am a female who is 42 yrs old, I had my gallbladder out 2 yrs ago, before this I suffered with the bouts of the diarrhea alot, but it seems worse now that I had my GB removed, I get Bile Salts Diarrhea, and it is terrible, it burns.. I suffer from Acid reflux/GERD as well..I feel like a prisoner in my own home, I have bad panic attacks when I know I have to go somewhere, and let me tell you I know where every bathroom is from here to the northpole seems like,lol, I get anxious and then I start suffering from chest pains, etc it feels like I am having a heart attack, in fact I have to go to the doctors today to get checked because I am having fluttering in my chest and heaviness etc for the last 2 weeks.. I have been sick for 8 months straight with one thing or another, vertigo etc, I think, maybe the fluttering & heaviness is caused from my vertigo/Labyrinthitis, but who knows, I hope it isn’t anything serious, like a heart attack..

    Yes I have heard of this. I am living proof. Have even been hospitalized several times to have it checked out and after 1,000’s of dollars later. They found nothing. This has totally disabled me. I have this pain for days then it will subside and then right back again. I have to take very strong pain meds to ease it at all. This is very hard to deal with due to the fact I take care of my ill mother and our 7 year old grandson. I have no energy at all and the pain has me really down. Tired of the medical profession not listening to me. My surgery was 6years ago now. And this has been on going ever since. Wish someone could come up with an answer soon. I have even thought about going to a surgeon to see what could have gone wrong.. I am 53 years old and not over weight at all. I eat healthy, but this is killing me.

    “Its been about 6 years for me that Ive gotten my GallBladder removed….within the time there has been a whole lot going on for me and its so frustrating . I have extremely painful Gas, bowel movements anywhere from 3 to 4 times a day, seriously if I dont go to the restroom immediately it will literally come out on its own, yes embarrassing but Ive had my accidents. Its not so much like diarrhea but sometimes my stool is too soft like shreds and sometimes they look normal. I get this pain, and cramping in my stomach when I gotta go to the restroom.There are some other times , when in the middle of eating I start getting this really really sharp pain like on my rib area right under my breast area, and it is so painful that all I want to do is to lie down,it seems like the more food you put in your mouth the more that it hurts. When I lie down on my left side.The pain is only there for an amount of time but slowly goes away . This sharp pain does not happen all the time when I eat, just every once in a while it does. About that gas problem, seriously I have too much of it and it hurts all the time. I cant sleep next to a significant other cause Im so embarrassed about my gas problems,its like the 4th of July at times. When Im laying in bed especially on my left side, there is a whole lot of gas coming out of me.I feel bloated and swollen all the time. And there is no weight loss for me,even though I have all the different stools coming out of me every day. Im more obese . Is any one else out there understand me???? or is it just me???

    Please let me know, Im tired of this already, it interrupts my personal life!

    Is there a solution to my problem? I need Help”

    “I had my gallbladder out 5 years ago. I have struggled with my weight ever since. I gained a lot of weight after, I worked extremely hard to lose it, then I gained it again. I eat better now than I used to. The last two years I have continually gained weight and I just don’t get why. I am usually a very good weight. It seems I continually gain, no matter what I eat, or if I exercise. It is really getting to me.

    I noticed one other person on this board seems to have the same problem. Any others? Any reason why?

    As for some of the other things mentioned on this board, I always have pain where my gallbladder was when I go to the bathroom. I am very constipated. I used to be constipated before, but it’s worse now. I have to take prune juice or laxatives to go. ”

    I was slightly depressed reading these postings. I had a gallbladder attack May 17, 2005, and then had my gallbladder removed May 25, 2005. Afterward I had pancreatitis, gastritis, and then H. pylori. I went back to work for a couple weeks, but now I am now on short-term disability because of chronic pain in my high abdomen, under my ribs, especially the right side, that radiates to my back. It is there all the time! Pain killers dull the pain, but it never completely goes away. It is much worse when I am sitting up than when I am lying down or standing up. Unfortunately, I have a desk job! I have had an EGD, flexible sigmoidoscopy, CT with contrast, cortrosyn stimulation test, tons of blood work, and most recently an MRI and MRCP. All were negative, except I have not received the results from the MRI/MRCP yet, but the physicians are sure it will be negative. I have also been passed around from doctor to doctor, and I am so frustrated! I was hoping I would find a posting from someone saying that this went away after a little while. Anyone? I need to get back to work and back to my regular life! I am a single mom, a full-time employee, and a half-time student. I need to feel better than this to be able to function!! Should I resign myself to the fact that I am never going to feel much better than this? I hope someone out there posts a big old “NO” to this question! Any advice would help. Thanks!

    I had surgery to remove my gallbladder along with a procedure to relive GERD(can’t remember what the procedure is called some kinda “fundus wrap’)this was all done laproscopicaly(sp)-this was 6 years ago…yes folks 6 long years ago.I have had maybe 10 solid bowel movements since.gross huh?Inconvient and painful is what it is.I am now doing some research of my own about what the issues are currently..Trying to be prepared so to speak before I seek medical advice from a dr.Here’s whats going on -daily.I now get acid reflux again that did stay away for about 5 yrs. but it has graced me with it’s presence again.I stay bloated.My insides still make extremly loud noises after I eat. Starting in the upper left. My entire abdomen area “burns”regularly. I have persistant pain in my upper right side in the exact area where the pain was before gallbladder removal(I wonder if they really took it out)This pain is also firey and can only be located by touch on the outside in a very isolated spot .This pain is always present,sometimes dull other times horrid.I have never had gas prior to surgery as I have post.Its like painful,has to be pushed out and is explosive(no more silent ones)Bowel movements are the same..explosive and watery(foul smell).Burps are also pretty foul(sound &smell)..I feel them come up, and they can be heard rising.Also,I have a pain that starts mid stomach,this pain is sooo bad I grab the phone and dial 911 so i can hit send if I stop breathing.This pain will seem like it goes right through me to the exact place in my back,and produces extreme nausia which goes into extreme heaving..I rarely throw anything up,but the gagging leaves me dizzy and gasping for air cause its so much longer than a normal gag and it increasing the pain.Then it seems to peak out,and die dwn.Unless the 1st bout of gagging was intense enough, it will occur again. Theres no certain time or place for this.Its happened on the way to work and it has woke me from sleep at 2am.I also have pain during intercourse,it last up to a week following intercourse.My husband has no idea all that I is embarassing.Especially when you don’t know whats wrong or what to do.I was giving some kinda powder to take 6 mos. after surgery to slow dwn the speed of bowel movements after eating.I was back in the hospital 30dys after surgery for the pain I was describing that starts in my abdomen,it sometimes radiates to my right shoulder and my neck.I have somehow adjusted to these episodes, or excepted that the people treating me can’t fix it, or identify it.I am very concerned.I have had 2 family members that had clostomy’s and an aunt who’s had parts of her intestines removed. I am scared.My symptoms of whatever my problem is have progressivly gotten worse.I am 37, and feel like I am falling apart. I have hotflashes too,if I cough,it hurts in my abdomen as well as sneeze.I see little glittery spots in my perifial if I cough, sneeze, turn my head too fast.So if there’s ANYONE out there who can identifiy or has a clue what I am going through. I would love some feedback. I have no insurance, so I have to make sure I pick the right DR to see, so I don’t get the run around.Any advice on the type of Dr I should consult with is also welcomed. Sorry to take so much space.I just don’t feel I can get true feedback without giving all the details and symptoms. To all those who suffer…I feel your pain, embarassment and frustration. Thanks.

    I’m so glad to have found this forum! I had my gallbladder removed 8 months ago and have become best friends with the toilet since! I don’t think I’ve had a regular BM since I had the surgery- only constant diarrhea. I’ve been to 2 different doctors in the last 2 weeks and neither of them have mentioned “dumping syndrome”. I’ve watched my diet like a hawk- monitoring everything I’ve eaten- thinking that I’m allergic to some type of food that is causing these sudden rushes to the bathroom. I’m 22 years old and believe me- it’s a killer on your social life when you can no longer go out to dinner and then out for the evening- for fear of when ‘it’ strike again! So basically what all y’all are telling me is that there is nothing wrong with me- and that I’m going to be going to the bathroom 5 or 6 times a day for the rest of my life! That’s reassuring. At least now I can go to the doctor and just tell him (how sad is that that they can’t diagnose me) that I have this “dumping syndrome” and can I PLEASE have some sort of medication to regulate it. I’ve gotta do something- or I’m going to fail my classes in school because I can’t even sit through a whole session!

    Just came across this site and felt compelled to write. Had my gallbladder out in 1992 after the birth of my third child. Had severe gall bladder problems with all 3 pregnancies but was told by my ob that it was my “uterus stretching”. Anyway, about 4 years ago started having gallbladder symptoms again off/on , could be months in between attacks. Finally decided had enough, saw my internist and she ordered a CT scan. By the way, when I had it removed I had it done laproscopically and was told that the duct was too short and couldn’t be removed but they were sure it would cause no problems. HA! The CT showed a duct full of stones and it severely dilated. After reading all these messages I know I am Not crazy and I am thinking this may be a reason that the past few years I have put on 30 lbs when I eat much more consciously and exercise regularly and when I do cut back even more my weight does not budge. Seeing an surgeon next week to find out my options. Thanks for letting me vent

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