Dr. Mendelsohn described it the best, that most women have been conditioned by their doctors, and added we’ve all been brainwashed to believe the female sex organs have no value, doctors even refer to them as “reproductive organs” in women, but not men. Women have been led astray to believe that it’s nothing more than a baby basket. Gynecologists minimize the value of these organs so they can remove them, and obviously many women fall for it. After it’s done to them, I think for many it could be self preservation because they can’t deal with the thought that it was unnecessary because it’s a hellish existence.

I think the word for this is “brainwashing.” We go through 13 years conditioned to “respect” authority through our government schools. That conditioning is reinforced by parents and media. Until something happens to contradict the programming we’ve all had, most will not recognize it as such. And when someone like any of us comes along to challenge that programming, we are trivialized, insulted, or otherwise castigated for daring to challenge their “religion.” This programming is held as sacred as any religion. In fact, I view the belief in “authority” as the most dangerous superstition of all.