I have more things wrong with me, than any human should have to put up with. I know that anything, that disrupts your life, on a daily basis, can be very hard to deal with.

I finally found a probiotic that works. I had my GB removed in 1999. I was in the hospital 4 days. On anti biotic drip for 3 days. I also have IBS-D, and Acid Reflux. I’ve had IBS since 1990. In the beginning, I had IBS-C. I was so constipated, I had to use a portable enema once or twice a day. I wasn’t allowed to take laxatives. About 7 yrs. ago, my IBS-C suddenly reversed to the worst kind of IBS-D. Diarrhea 24 hours, 2 to 3 times an hour. No one could help me. I finally went on a gluten free diet, lactose free, fat free, no beef. Just chicken, fish, lean pork serloin, and gluten free turkey bergers. And no fat, no sugar.

I tried the Celiac diet, Gluten Free?, for two years. Then it stopped working, then I bought the Fodmap Diet book, that did not work.

I really enjoyed life. Can you tell…?? Well I had to try something else. No one could help me . I honestly think they all stopped listening to me.

Finally I tried 4 Probiotics. They didn’t work. I totally gave up. . After the 4th one, I thought I was doomed to live like this, forever. So, in January, I moved to a new apartmt. My other one was making me too depressed, and very stressed. Then I went shopping for a new probiotic March 1st. Well, I’m happen to say, after 7 weeks, the diarrhea has been on hold, and I’m able to eat almost everything. Apparently my gut had a lot if bacteria, of the worse kind. I’m not going off these miracle pills. Maybe now I’ll start absorbing vitamins again. I’m tired of being a walking pharmacy. I still can’t process fat, but my doctor warned me to stay away from it when my GB was removed. I also can’t have lactose. So I stick to lactose dairy. And I eat veggie cheese. Lactose isn’t good for anyone. It has no flavor or taste, but it causes diarrhea, cramps, gas, and terrible bloating. I have no idea why they put it in dairy. It doesn’t taste any different. It just creates havoc.

The anti Diarrhea meds did not work. My ins. Would not give me Imodium, the ONLY med. that works. DRs. Could not figure out what was causing it. I had tests you wouldn’t believe. I went on a Gluten Free diet for 2 yrs. It helped at first, then stopped. I couldn’t eat so many things, I thought I was going to start eating plaster off the walls.

My daughter, who lives in Chicago, and my 6 yr old grandson, also have IBS-C. She’s had it since she was 7, and He had it since 3.
She did a lot of research, cause he’s also deathly allergic to peanuts and peanut dust.
She found one that helped them. She also knew that I gave up.
She ordered it for me, had it delivered, and knew I would take it.
After another yr. of severe Diarrhea, and no where to go, I tried it in March. 7 weeks later, I was cured. I didn’t believe it.

Ultimate Flora, it comes in 25 billion, & 50 billion. Because I’ve had such a bad time, I started with the 50 billion for the first month, to give my intestines a jump start. The second month, I switched to 25 billion.

After 7 weeks, it stopped my Diarrhea. First time in 25 yrs. I’ve had relief. Even the bloat is almost completely gone. Most of the pain. This is great. I can leave the house again

Turns out, I was missing all my good Bacteria, ( Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth or SIBO) which protects the gut, which is in charge of the whole body function. The pancreas, liver, and the GUT. Very important… It’s friendly Flora. I was taking too many antibiotics, for a condition I have. If I even have my teeth cleaned or any type of surgery, I have to take massive doses of the antis. They don’t know the difference between good or bad Bacteria. It kills them all. BAD.

The Probiotic that finally worked is:
Ultimate Flora, 50 Billion. 30count. 
Do not get it at Heath food stores or pharmacies. Costs more thanAmazon.com, and they deliver free, after spending a certain amount. Please, try this for at least 2 months. ONE pill a day. I know it will help you both. Please go to Amazon.com. Check it out… Good luck..!!!
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