“Has anyone here been diagnosed with gallstones and refused surgery? If so do you know how long you can go without having surgery?”

- I ve been diagnosed 1 year, and don’t want to have surgery I had an ultrasound and it showed no other issues, i m on a strict diet, and doing herbal therapy with a naturopath, not cleanses, just drinking herbs which help dissolve the stones- You have to change your diet completely to not create more stones or to make your gallbladder more sick in order to maintain its health. Otherwise it’s just a matter of time.
I’m reading the book Save your Gallbladder.

- I’ve had mine for 5 years still have attacks but there not as bad if I watch what I eat etc x

- I was diagnosed, through ultrasound scan, 15 years ago. Changed my diet (crisps are a big no no) and lived happily for over ten years. Slowly bad habits have crept back in and I’m now having g symptoms again, though slightly different as now one of the stones is quite large.

- I was diagnosed over 10 years ago, followed careful diet, but eventually stones grew larger and started to damage the lining of the gallbladder so I had surgery last year

- Iv been nearly a year since diagnosed with stones.. BUT once diagnosed had a stent put in and only 3/4 month since stent has been out. Had 3/4 attacks since it’s been out

- I’ve been avoiding surgery for past few years, but am terrible with watching my diet. I over indulged at Christmas and haven’t really recovered fully yet. My last scan was last August and gallbladder was in OK condition.

- 5 years for me. I gave up the fight 2 weeks ago. Went to the ER and begged them to take it out.

- I refused surgery for 2,5 years but I’m glad I finally did it. My liver status and everything was fine just before surgery so no indication of something serious. But they found during surgery a stone that was stuck and also my bile duct is bigger now because I had a really large stone that also passed through. I also had gastric ulcers and gastric catarrh before surgery that are almost gone now 3 months after surgery. Think about all the secondary diseases also that you can get from gallstones.

- I was diagnosed close to ten years ago and refused the surgery. I do liver/gallbladder flushes every year. I also take supplements which include lecithin, stone free capsules, stone breaker tincture, I also drink apple cider vinegar everyday.

- Over 20 years for me :)

- None for over 20 years. Had gallbladder full of them. Drank grape juice to dissolve them before. Had one attack about a month ago and I am still not convinced it was my gallbladder. Could have just been trapped gas.

I saw on the screen myself when the technician showed me that my gallbladder had more stones than she had ever seen. (They aren’t suppose to say anything but she did) Never followed up with the doctor after getting the results either. Anyways I had attacks a couple more months after but by the 3rd month I didn’t have anymore and haven’t for over 20 years. My Aunts solution worked

- I refused surgery when I was in the hospital two years ago. I was just 6 weeks pregnant and getting four different opinions about it. GI doc said do it now. General surgeon said wait until second trimester. Hospitalist said wait and watch. My PCP said I could make dietary changes and avoid surgery. This happened exactly two years ago and I still have it!

- Ive gone over 25 years. Get off grains, animal and sugar.