Undeliverable, this from Surgeons own medical references - The condition postcholecystectomy syndrome does not exist. At least they come clean on other points

Misdiagnosis for cholecystectom, Nerve and bile duct damage occurs frequently

“Although not a complication, persistence or recurrence of biliary-type pain may occur. A proportion of these patients will either have a retained common duct stone, sphincter of Oddi dysfunction (usually secondary to trauma from duct exploration or passage of stone) or possibly wound neuralgia due to segmental nerve injury. Many, in whom no cause for further pain can be identified, have been labelled as having postcholecystectomy syndrome. This condition does not exist and represents those patients who did not require a cholecystectomy in the first place (i.e. their pain was not due to the gallstone and therefore the gall bladder removal has not influenced their symptomatology)”

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Source : GALLSTONES , http://www.surgwiki.com/