Patient X “I’ve been doing research on my vitamin D deficiency. I wasn’t low until I had my Gallbladder out a couple years ago. been low since. I take 1000 ius daily, and a extra 500 in my prenatal.

After doing research I’ve learned that since I had my gallbladder out I am not absorbing like I should and I need to be on a bile supplement cause that aids in absorbing vitamin D.  So, I can take as much as I want but I’m not going to absorb what I need.

Anyone else had gallbladder removal and then the deficiency showed up??

AND another testomony, left with NO diet treatment plan whatsoever for 6 years!

Patient Y ” Not sure where to start. In 1999 I have my gallbladder taken out after a week of having my son. There after I had issues eating food especially anything fatty. Even 2% milk. I told the doctor I was having very loose stole sometimes watery. I would be in the bathroom all day. With changing some of what I eat my stool has lessen to more form stool. I have been battling Depression starting in 2003 when I had my third child. After having my fifth in 2006 my depression got worse. I took meds for depression but either they didn’t work or it made me sick and loopy. That is when about 2 years ago I went to the doctor, and told her I was tired and I was sick and tired of people saying it was because I was a mom. Then I was told to take vitamin supplements which I did but when I took them I felt icky. As if I was getting to much of one and not enough of another vitamin. My doctor then did a blood panel to check my all my levels from my iron all the way to my “D”. Here to find out my D was off the range at 22. Just recently I got it checked again and it only went up to 24.4. Still low and now I’m on 50,000 IUs of D (D2) . for two years I took 10,000 IUs after my doctor told me to take 600-1,200 IUs, and was told that was to low of a dose considering how low my levels are. trying to figure out why I’m not absorbing it and what other vitamin am I missing that I should be taking with it”

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Janet :  If a gallbladder is removed the ducts are still there and in the case of removal you have a need for sodium bicarbonate. It is made in the body in pancreas and gallbladder to work efficiently …but you have ducts and sphincters too that remain. They need magnesium to remain supple yet strong to further digest correctly.
Our​ modern diet does not provide enough bicarbonates or magnesium to run these organs optimally. So it is kind of like limping…your moving but not correctly and slower…
So the simple try is increase your intake of baking soda and magnesium…mg 250mg minimum per day or more baking soda is 1/2 tsp in water 2x a day on an empty stomach.
We add citrates to further improve digestion..
1 whole lime squeezed in a glass 6 to 8 tsp 1/2 tsp of baking soda…let fizz..add 1/2 glass of water and drink 1/2 hour after food..2x a day 5 days out of seven. This will improve your digestion of nutrients from your food..and supplements. 

Bob: Bile is an emulsifier to help absorb fat. If nogallbladder then fat absorption is hampered. Vitamins D, A, E and K are only fat soluble (not water soluble) and require fat and bile to be absorbed.  I am a physician but I don’t treat patients. But back in medical school in the early 1980′s, ox bile supplements were used.

Cathy:  I had mine removed in 2007/2008. Mine did not show up until 2014.
But since I started taking digestive supplements and drinking green tea with honey. My results are coming back normal and my digestion has sped up.

Paula: I didn’t have my gallbladder removed but specific lab tests indicated that I wasn’t absorbing pill forms so my PCP told me to use the D3/K2 sublinguinal drops. They come in different dosages such as 1 drop = 2,000 IUs, or 3,000, 2,000…
It made all the difference in me absorbing therefore being able to maintain a stable level.

Lori: This is true, Had mine out 18 years ago- had Classic vit D deficiency symptoms for almost 15 yrs and developed osteoporosis before I was finally diagnosed correctly.
So yes, having my gallbladder removed in my 30′s def affected the way my body absorbed vit D naturally.
I take 7000 iu daily with the co factors plus other bone healthy vits and minerals. Feel great. Vit D is a miracle to me

Edward : Many people who have had gall bladder surgery use the water soluble form made by BIOTECH PHARMACAL Vitamin d3.
They supply 5000iu and 50,000iu
Using 2 x 5000iu daily and splitting the dose between 2 meals should help absorption.
Only regular 25(OH)D testing will enable you to work out how much your body requires.
Daily use of vitamin d3 is more efficient and enables the benefits of the basic cholecalciferol form to be effective

Chuck :  I’m no expert. But a more accurate statement would be that Vitamin D has trouble absorbing fully without proper levels and absorption of Magnesium, K2, Selenium, and Zinc co-factors . (More explained), I do know that the body will compensate for the loss of the gall bladder (via the liver). Vitamin D does not absorb well without the co-factors mentioned. Unlike most other vitamins, minerals, etc. Vitamin D is absorbed & delivered; then is gone and not returned to the liver or kidneys for reprocessing. The key to absorption is ensuring that D and its co-factors are able to be absorbed and are introduced by good dietary habits along with supplements

Billine 50,000iu a week is of D2. A lot of people in here discourage D2 and highly recommend D3. Hope someone can explain it for you, as I’m still new and quit my D2 last week and picked up D3.

The (Huge) Difference Between Vitamins D3 and D2 And Why You Should Never Take D

Vitamin D2 vs D3: Same for boosting D levels but D3 superior for sustaining levels?

Steve: suggesting alternative form of D3. (no D2 ever) -BioTech has water soluble capsules, and some others. Another possibility, special Metered Pump Dispenser D3 skin Cream. Magnesium Malate or other excellent Mag required. (no Mag Oxide, No unchelated Mag usually helps) You can bite thru gel cap in the mouth. Best to get quality brands, no soy or corn oil which are somewhat questionable in any supp’l..

Pamela:  Never take D without K2, magnesium and Vitamin A, its co-factors. D without K2 can cause calcium to go into heart, veins and tissues which can lead to hardening of the arteries and heart attacks. Conventional doctors know NOTHING about nutrition, and are causing harm prescribing such high amounts of D! The Magnesium Advocacy Group recommends magnesium instead of D…and Dr Kate Rheaume-Bleue has written a book on this called “Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox”. You can see interviews of her explaining this on YouTube, also

Niki: I also had my gallbladder removed in 98. I have D deficiency and B12. My D has over doubled in 2 months with D3 16,000-20,000 iu, Magnesium 480 mg, K2 MK7 100 mcg, Boron 9 mg. I notice a huge difference in fibro pain even though I’m not optimal levels yet. As for the B12 I’m not receiving injections anymore and that makes me extremely weak and fatigued. Any B12 oral supplements don’t work for me. I do take Folic Acid to help the B12 whenever I get back on injections. I also take Niacin for insomnia and Cholesterol and L-theanine when it arrives this week for anxiety. My goal is to get off all prescription medication. 

From my understanding and information in B12 groups, if you’re unable to absorb B12 from nutrition then you need supplements. But if you take oral supplements and have absorption issues it’ll give a false positive result. If you have neurological symptoms injections are absolutely necessary and oral supplements do not help at all. I do know from experience that when I got my injection I felt great for 3 days then I crashed. Here Drs won’t treat more than once a week for 4 weeks and once a month for 3 months then once every 3 months. I’m seeking another type of Dr that recognizes the truth that B12 is needed more often that old protocol. Mine at first test was 234, but it will be higher even though last injection was weeks ago and I took lozenges without any improvement.

Sara: When I started taking vit D3 I had really bad pain in my bones and joints for 3 weeks. It was no good but I knew it was because the D3 was working it my bones. After 3 weeks I had no more pain
Make sure you take vitamin K2 and magnesium
Vitamin K2 will bring the calcium from your blood to your bones
Magnesium because it gets depleted when you take vit D3
You may try topical magnesium because of your stomach problems
I recommend you flax seeds for your stomach lining: Boil two tablespoons of flax seeds to make a “tea”… take the seeds out and let the liquid with the goey stuff cool… then drink it. You can add juice of your choice or honey. I add mango juice.

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Any advice or comments most welcome…..I’m in the UK. In September 2016 I tested 45 nmol/L. My GP prescribed Colecalciferol 20,000IU, taking two once a month for three months. At my request, I was retested and current result is 33nmol/L ………………..I had my gallbladder (due to large stone) removed in Sept (two years ago) and my digestion since then has been compromised to say the least. Thanks everyone.”

Edward :  You are probably better off buying your own water soluble vitamin D3.

Bio-Tech D3-5, Vitamin D3 5000IU, 250 Capsules, tiny soft & easy-to-swallow
The vitamin d from your GP will not be as good.
To get from 33 to 125nmol/l will require a daily vitamin d dose about 132 iu for each kilogram you weigh or 60 iu for each pound you weigh.
So if you weigh 70 kg you would need 70 x 132= 9240iu
or 154 pounds x 60 = 9240 iu
The water soluble vitamin d are used by people who have had bariatric surgery or gallbladder surgery as they are better absorbed.
You don’t have to be too precise with dosing. and so taking 2 x 5000iu daily would be fine.
If you get retested in 3 months that should show if you have got to 125nmol/l.
If you have reached 125nmopl/l then you could reduce daily intake to 1 x 5000iu daily.
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