When L.C. was introduced there was a scramble on for a wholecountry(s) of surgeons wanting to get trained at once so as to not be left behind their competitors–and too few valid gallbladder cases to go around for all to train on and get certified in it. All of a sudden everyone “needed” their gallbladder removed–even people who went to the emergency room for a fall, for simple indigestion, and so on. For every completed referral to the hospital’s training program the doctor making the referral was paid a huge referral fee. This is “human trafficking” in its worst form.  Industry needed LOTS of warm bodies to practice on to get certified. And this training NEVER ends. These trainees make their worst mistakes in the first 20-50 they do. If all we are going to get in the teaching hospitals is a green trainee sneaked in on us after we are anesthetized injury is practically inevitable. And the cover-up and denial, runaround, and refusal to take useful action in our behalf after-the-fact is guaranteed.

There is a very good reason why the doctors we consult after-the-fact and post problem and health complcations start  “we just have no idea what can be wrong” and load on tests that are nearly always “negative”, why nothing and no one ever actually helps us with our misery–that is how the standardized cover-up program works after we are injured at that surgery and they use it on all of us no matter where we live. See nothing, do nothing. Nothing seen is nothing offered; nothing offered is nothing spent…or exposed.

..life is cheap as long as it belongs to someone else. They take full advantage of our trust and ignorance. It is a high tech crime with many facets out of the experience of we outsiders

You decide   They knew how risky and dangerous this new surgery was and plowed ahead anyhow.



“Who isn’t completely honest with patients?”

Nuremberg and autonomy 

By the mid-20th Century, everything had changed. Under the Nazi’s, medicine was consumed by evil. Dr Karl Brandt [1904-1948], Hitler’s “Escort Physician” and latterly Commissioner of Sanitation and Health, oversaw a systematic euthanasia programme, and  widespread medical experimentation. Looking at his fresh face at a gathering of the elite in Berchestgaden, it is still difficult to understand how doctors such as he, trained to heal, could have drifted so far into the moral swamp. He was tried at Nuremberg and hung at the age 44 (having previously been sentenced to death by the Nazis for helping his family escape from Berlin to surrender before the city was overrun).



From Nuremberg emerged principles, the Nuremberg Code, that guide us today. These include, as regards medical interventions,

  • The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential…
  • …exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion…
  • should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him/her to make an understanding and enlightened decision.


The last one is key. For consent to be valid, the person, or patient, must know everything. Consent, in this context, is a corollary of autonomy, probably the stoutest pillar in the ethical framework that doctors refer to on a day to day basis. Tom Beauchamp and James Childress, working in Healy Hall, Georgetown University, Washington, wrote Principles Of Biomedical Ethics, containing the now familiar touchstones:

Autonomy – The right for an individual to make his or her own choice.

Beneficence – The principle of acting with the best interest of the other in mind.

Non-maleficence – The principle that “above all, do no harm,” as stated in the Hippocratic Oath.

Justice – A concept that emphasizes fairness and equality among individuals.


UP Fraud Notes 1476293_10202600958126750_678108918_n

UP Load NOTES 579239_10202593872509614_1774094860_n

True death and injury rate deliberately concealed.

UP Fraud NOTES 1476652_10202593868029502_154989060_n

Entire surgical community had to be trained at once. This training never ends.

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Early proper repair by a specialist is essential for best outcome. We do not get this. We get the half-assed, cheapo, quicky repair that can be sneaked in through a 1″-2″ cut that can be lied abou

UP Fraud NOTES 1505426_10202593839348785_1862219453_n

The student training never ends. These green trainees make their worst mistakes in the first 20-50 of these operations they perform so injuries are practically inevitable. In this article there is small mention of what that “extra cut” is about. QUOTE: 
“…and calls for a new experimental method to close the ruptures”–one that can be sneaked in through that tell-tale 1″-2″ cut at the uppermost trocar site. Then we are lied to about it, sent home, the inevitable symptoms set in, and triggers the standardized runaround and lies.

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That this “sacrifice” is not voluntary violates the intention and spirit of informed consent.

UP Fraud NOTES 1380069_10202593814908174_1829262610_n

Why would asymptomatic people suddenly “need” their gallbladder removed? Student training! Lots of surgeons to train; too few valid cases to go around for all.

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Patients lied to about safety.

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Why  patients are patched and lied to, given the royal runaround: proper intervention would cost the health insurers too much. And there are too many of these injuries created every year.

UP Fraud NOTES 1538823_10202593882469863_348970620_n

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomys increase by 21%,  Serious injury rates sore by 15x . Patients kept in the dark being sacrificed for training

UO Fraud NOTES 1486671_10202593892230107_1052003841_n


Injury’s Continue

UP Fraud NOTES 547552_10202600840923820_849175685_n

High mortality and injury rate accepted and treated as success – Under reporting acknowledged

UP Fraud Notes 1508147_10202600841123825_927847118_n


This is why so many people suddenly “needed” their gallbladder removed: student training.

UP Fraud 527991_4403996619658_1415149902_n

Why, suddenly, with the introduction of L.C., did so many people “need” their gallbladder removed? Because a whole surgical community wanted to be trained at once and there were too few valid gallbladder cases to go around for all to practice on and get certified in it.

UP Fraud NOTES 581746_10202593783467388_1192334978_n

Injury repairs carried out on the fly by the operating surgeon  likely to result in malpractice if unsuccessful

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The key word here is “masquerade”UP Fraud NOTES 1509287_10202593767626992_539005406_n

The key word here is “intentional”

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Informed consent fraud confession – Withheld , breach of human rights – Nurburgring trials – code of ethics

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UP Fraud NOTES 1493133_10202593762106854_1880968349_n

Continued – Consent Fraud

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Government, in collusion with health insurance companies, gave the green light for surgeons to proceed with this new surgery. The incentive to hide the enormous injury rate lies in this statement, QUOTE:  “…they will be just as quick to close the door and turn off the tap if complications and rising costs become associated with the new laparoscopic approaches to disease.”

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