Written History

In 1985 a surgeon in Germany, Erich Muhe, removed a gallbladder using a laparoscope.
The first laparoscopic cholecystectomy in France was performed by Philippe Mouret in Lyon in 1987.
J. Barry McKernan and William B. Saye performed the first laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) in the United States on June 22, 1988 in Marietta, Georgia.
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy was developed and popularized in the United States by Dr. Eddie Joe Reddick in 1989.

During this evolving process which continues today the entire general surgical community had to be trained.

Early in the national experience with laparoscopic cholecystectomy it became apparent that some surgeons who were in the early phases of their training would misidentify the anatomy and inadvertently clip and divide the common bile duct thinking it to be the cystic duct. In many instances this would result in complete obstruction of the common bile duct which would require a second operation to correct. Often these injuries were not noted at the time of the initial procedure and therefore a delay in the diagnosis of the problem often resulted.
Other problems of much less consequence have also been identified to occur following laparoscopic cholecystecomy. This includes entering the gall bladder and spilling stones and bile into the peritoneal cavity, failure to diagnose stones in the common bile duct, cystic duct clips falling off leading to bile peritonitis, holes being poked in the cystic dust while doing x-rays of the biliary tree (cholangiography), holes poked into the intestine or mesentery by either the needle used to fill the peritoneum with CO2 (Verness needle) or one of the trocars used to introduce the ports.
Other problems of much less consequence have also been identified to occur following laparoscopic cholecystecomy. This includes entering the gall bladder and spilling stones and bile into the peritoneal cavity, failure to diagnose stones in the common bile duct, cystic duct clips falling off leading to bile peritonitis, holes being poked in the cystic dust while doing x-rays of the biliary tree (cholangiography), holes poked into the intestine or mesentery by either the needle used to fill the peritoneum with CO2 (Verness needle) or one of the trocars used to introduce the ports.

Unwritten History

Surgeons have long considered gallbladder surgery to be a “bread-and-butter” operation.

In the late 1980s it was threatened by two non-surgical procedures to treat gallstones: lithotripsy and ursodiol dissolution. People were choosing the non-surgical solutions.

The laparoscopic method offered surgeons a viable way to regain patient interest in surgery.
Laparoscopic equipment companies recognized an enormous financial opportunity.

The laparoscopic method offered only a COSMETIC advantage in the smaller scars, not a safety advantage. The one-day hospital stay was attractive to the health insurance companies.

Doctors, and other parties, bought stock in the equipment manufacturing companies thus creating personal interest in getting this new procedure established.

A whole surgical community had to be trained at once; surgeons were clamoring for it so as not to be left behind their peers.

Insurers and government bodies colluded to breach human-rights and the laws pertaining to informed consent to allow this new procedure to be trained and established.

Communities set up temporary training centers in non-university hospitals to accommodate the large, initial training swarm.

This large initial training swarm required patients to train on in order for the surgeons to gain experience and get their credentialing.

There were not enough valid gallbladder cases to go around for all to train on.

Biologicals were released into the environment that had miserable stomach symptoms that mimic/could be passed off as a gallbladder attack onto a trusting, ignorant public. (genetically engineered helicobacter pylori)

A targeted victim group was skimmed off for use in training: people disenfranchised in one way or another and toll damages too small to interest lawyers who accept medical malpractice cases based upon their formula for determining economic damages: the elderly retired, housewives, single over the age of 25 with no dependents, people on public assistance, prisoners, etc.

The medical syndicate sold the surgery to the public through media outlets.

Printed literature extolling the virtues and minimizing and/or omitting the risks, were given to prospective patients.

Printed literature promised a prompt, ethical response to injury. (with no intention whatsoever of actually keeping that promise: too expensive)

Printed literature lied about actual injury and death rate, said it was 1-2% when it was actually 80+ %.

(This is called “Fraud In The Inducement” when a person is deceptively lured into danger)

A referral fee of $2,500. was awarded to any doctor who made a completed referral to the training center.

The usual referral fee for a completed referral to a teaching hospital’s student training at that time was $100.

The large referral fee ignited a “feeding frenzy” with the ER doctors and family practitioners. Reports of referrals to people who’d already had their gallbladders removed or injured in a fall, etc.
Lives were bought and sold at a frantic rate. (this is called “human trafficking”)

Lives were bought and sold with the full knowledge most of these people would be permanently injured or killed outright in the student training mills. (this is called “mass murder” and is a very sophisticated form of serial killing)

Lives were bought and sold with the full knowledge that no ethical/proper response would be offered if the injury manifested/collapsed after discharge from the hospital–as most did due to the one-day stay.

Lives were bought and sold with the full knowledge most, if not all, of those targeted for use in training did not need this surgery and were deliberately infected instead. (“depraved heart crime”)

Sudden, enormous, increase in the number of cholecystectomies with the introduction of the laparoscopic method. Documented in DRG files and trade literature.

Increase falsely spun off to “backlog” and “patient demand” when it was actually “trainee demand”.

Increase in number of cholecystectomies brought increase in deaths and permanent and progressive injuries. Injury rate manipulated artificially low by actively responding to just one class of injury victim: the cases that collapse before discharge from the hospital and cannot be masqueraded to other causes.

The health insurance companies sold the public policies that offered “quality care”.

The health insurance companies sold policies that listed ONLY the already-trained, experienced, practicing physicians in their plan booklets with no mention of green trainee substitution in the operating room after the patient is anesthetized and cannot stop it. (bait-and-switch)

Green trainees make their worst mistakes in the first 25-50 of each laparoscopic gallbladder procedure they perform.

The government pays teaching hospitals $100,000.+ for each resident they train and have a contractual obligation to provide/procure “teaching material” for their students to practice on.

The health insurance companies wanted the cost-saving potential of the new laparoscopic gallbladder surgery.

The health insurance companies often owned the teaching hospitals where the new surgery was being trained and the injuries were being created. And concealed.

The teaching hospitals control the medical record.

The health insurers did not want the enormous cost of providing proper aftercare and necessary intervention to all the injury cases created by their green trainees.

Bile duct injury is one of the worst injuries that can happen in abdominal surgery and is virtually irreparable even in the best of hands.
There is a one-month window of opportunity for a proper-but-expensive biliary repair, by a specialist, before permanent and progressive liver damage sets in.

Once permanent and progressive liver damage is allowed to set in the process cannot be reversed and leads inexorably to liver failure and death.

An infectious process sets in that damages kidneys, heart, spleen–continually seeded all over the body from the damaged liver by way of the blood stream.

New Medicine chants: “it is okay to sacrifice a few to benefit many.”

Thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of injuries were created in this initial training frenzy.

If the health insurers responded ethically to each case created they’d all bankrupt quickly.
If the malpractice insurers responded ethically to each case they’d all bankrupt quicker.

True death and injury rate manipulated artificially low.
To their mutual benefit, the vested entities colluded/conspired to present a unified front and would control presentation and care offerings this way:
Only the cases that collapsed before discharge from the hospital would actually receive that ethical, prompt response promised to all in the printed pre-op propaganda–only because those cannot be concealed. These would be the only cases counted.
The rest would get a sociopathically inhumane “cover-up-and-disposal” program that would make war crimes look like a tea party.
Those injured would be methodically funneled to specific specialist referrals in the local community and to specific laboratories: those who can be trusted best to stick to the “cover-up and dispose-of” protocols.

Lawyers would be paid NOT to accept these particular cases. There are rules they must follow in order to collect their payola.

The natural features of injury at gallbladder surgery, particularly bile duct injury, would be exploited: nothing shows on the surface where others can see it until the disease is well advanced. Nobody else can “see” pain, systemic infection, damage to other major organ systems and such as is common with this progressive injury(s).
Death comes remote from the event that actually caused it so that it can then be made to appear a separate entity.
Bile duct injury is one of the biggest “dirty secrets” of modern medicine: it is 100% doctor-caused unless a person was shot or stabbed in just the right places.

“Symptomatic relief only/no active intervention–until you get well on your own, or die–and you will get that only if you shut up, stop fighting us, and accept a benign diagnosis that the treatment matches.”
The doctors would not offer any response to our increasing symptoms but a useless symptomatic relief.
A false diagnosis of “mental disturbance” would be made and referral given to selected psychiatrists and psychologists.
The persistent patients would be routinely prescribed “psych drugs” to calm them into acceptance of their increasing symptoms, deliberately left untreated, and the myriad abuses heaped upon them. Designed to discredit them to others.

No proper, expensive, corrective surgery by a specialist, early, when it would do the most good. To do so would require exposing the malpractice. (“destroyed opportunity”)

To discourage injury victims from seeking care for their increasing symptoms the medical syndicate has demonstrated a standardized pattern of vicious verbal abuse, false accusations, and psychological battery at every encounter to make seeking intervention so unpleasant those injured gain an aversion to it and learn to avoid it. This is applied early and heavily to make the most lasting impact.

“Now Medicine” chants: “you can’t break what is already broken” and “eat what you kill”.
Injured, we become extremely valuable commodities to the medical syndicate as “teaching material” to be exploited and used up in further student surgery training, drug and device testing–which we are expected to pay for.
If we do not accept the “offers” made to us we are coerced into compliance by removing pain control and made to “earn” it back by compliance.
We are funneled to “special” doctors in the community who can be trusted best to keep to the “use-up-then-dispose-of” program.
These “special” doctors have unique personality traits that bypass conscience and allow them to freely indulge their baser tendencies of bullying, threatening, coercion, psychological battery, verbal abuse, and so on.
“If you fight them they will kill you.”

A correct diagnosis(s) is withheld.
The standard of care is criminally reversed.
Proper aftercare is withheld. We spiral downward, deliberately untreated.
X-ray tampering to hide injury.
Lab reports falsified.
Wrong drugs are prescribed to make us worse, faster. (combining NSAIDS & H2-Blockers, erythromycin and Seldane, etc.)
Invasive testing is improperly performed to accelerate our injury and its consequences. (ERCP during active cholangitis without IV antibiotic protection, etc.)

Assets are pirated/plundered by running us through a never-ending battery of expensive, painful, dangerous, unnecessary testing done solely to stonewall and deceive. If we don’t pay the enormous medical debt run up on us liens are clapped on our homes, retirement funds, and such.
Aggressive collection agencies are set upon us; our credit is ruined.
If we speak out against what is done to us we are punished.
If we persist after being ordered to stop we are sent to prison on trumped-up charges (drug charges usually), confined to a mental institution for an attitude adjustment, or the psychological abuses are so heavily applied that few can withstand it and fall into helpless/hopeless despair or commit suicide.

Why all this, even long after the regular Statute Of Limitations and Statute Of Repose has expired? Why continue?
If no treatment for the true condition is ever initiated or recorded then it can never become continuous or conclude. This is what is driving these standardized abuses. Get it?

Consequences To Victims

Compromised ability to work and earn a living.
When people cannot work they consequently cannot build Social Security credits in order to later qualify for receiving benefits.

Without a correct diagnosis on paper victims cannot collect on their purchased disability insurance policies or access the Social Security disability benefits they are entitled to.

Without a correct diagnosis victims cannot adequately/accurately determine which drugs and treatments are harmful to their particular situation and avoid them.

Damage to marriage, children, family, and other relationships.

Victims become a burden to others: financially, socially, and physically.

Victims cannot perform usual chores and have to hire help or ask others to take over.

L.C. injury victims are immediately blocked/closed out from accessing medical care: doctors automatically reject accepting them as patients, say they “do not want to get involved”.

If this surgery is the cure-all it is touted to be WHY, then, are so many people sick and dying afterward? Why an elaborate cover-up if none is necessary?

Author : Elizabeth Eugenia LaBozetta