Treatment of cholelithiasis

Ever wondered why,

1] Why, after 100+ odd years of medical research, medical industry has not come up with a holistic health plan / treatment solution for for gallstones and or gallbladder disease

2] Why, in the US more than twice as likely to undergo gallbladder surgery that in UK [ US 750,000 Gallbladder Surgeries for 323M population compared to UK 62,000 surgeries for 66M population (0.23% compared 0.09%)

3]Why, during the Surgeons Informed Consent process , the root causes of gallstones, the long term risks to heath, the required diet change is almost never disclosed whatsoever. Except ” Live a normal life” AND “no diet change required once the GB is removed”

4] Why, those unfortunate to develop post-surgery issue find themselves spending years looking for answers – treatment solutions to problems experienced in the exact same systematic manner by 10′s of 1000′s GS patients.

5] Why, patients with problems end up being charged huge costs for hospital and specialist investigation activities.

5] Why, no individual post surgery diet or care plan provided to mitigate likely post heath complications.

6] Why, during the 1990s when laparoscopic surgery (LC)was developed (surgeons called LC the new bread and butter income), a 29% increase in the number of cholecystectomies performed, with over a 100% increase in cholecystectomy for acute acalculous cholecystitis and 300% increase for biliary dyskinesia. Nonsurgical methods of gallstone removal, including pharmacologic dissolution, shock wave lithotripsy, and endoscopic laser ablation, were once considered alternatives to the traditional open surgical approach was then made a limited treatment alternative OR NEVER disclosed option

Answer may be: No $$$ to be made by the first professional a patent is referred to OR hospitals OR because mainly just a womans issue ?

This FAQ study highlights answers could be found if really investigated further . Provides also some interesting background on Gallstones and formation / root causes.

“In conclusion, the achievement in the study of the physiology of bile formation and the pathogenesis of gallstone disease has allowed expanding indications for therapeutic treatment of GD (gallbladder disease) and reducing the number of patients who undergo surgical treatment. It should be noted that notable advances have been made in studying the mechanisms responsible for the formation of GS, which could extend the capabilities of their dissolution and shattering

conservatively. Because GD is a multifactorial disease, its treatment remains symptomatic. Because the etiology and pathogenesis of GD is still not well defined and strategies for prevention and efficient non-surgical therapies are missing, further studies are required”

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