Gastroparesis after gall bladder surgery

“Was told by a highly regarded Motility expert which stated that it is very likely that my GP was a result of my GB surgery. there were a ton of adhesions that he had to manuver around. My GI doc, and Lawyer are convinced that it was the cause.. Like someone else said on this thread. The vagus gets bangged around and such during surgeey. Plus it dont take much. Also, myself, and alot of others on here are in the same exact prediciment that you are. Docs stick up for other docs. Of course there gonna tell you it aint possible. Well, it is possible, and I’m living proof of that. My lawyer has just found out from many so-called “experts” that a vagul injury can be a risk of a lap GB.”


  • D  I was having symptoms before gallbladder removal, but it definitely got worse after.
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  • S My gallbladder was also removed a few years ago. The gallbladder not functioning I do believe is an indication of the nerve not working right. 
    I think this is a legit question to discuss, and my impression in response to an above comment is not that are looking to blame a physician. We are all trying to figure out the “why”. Best to you!
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  • S n My gallbladder was removed because it was not working which indicates a slow vagus nerve. That’s also the cause of most gp. It has gotten progressively worsen over the years. My issues started after childbirth. 
    I also have ms. Gp is a common symptom, which tells me that ms effects all nerve systems. Not just peripherals. I recently read that the thyroid can effect ms and dysautonomias.
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  • B Diagnosed with gp month after gallbladder surgery. Makes you wonder if surgery caused it or was it gp originally.
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  • D  I had my gallbladder out, had about a week of feeling normal before GP took over. I wouldn’t say that it’s a result of the surgery, however. Primarily, GP is caused by the Vagus Nerve in the first place, my gallbladder not functioning was just a louderSee More
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  • J  I had mine out 2010, diagnosed 2012 after pretty much a year of testing. 
    My mother is convinced though that I always had an issue with my stomach or digestion but the surgery definitely made it worse.
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  • K  Had GP before surgery, but GP got worse. GP caused my gallbladder to go in the first place since my weight loss was so drastic.
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  • S Brasidio Got my gallbladder removed 5yrs ago and diagnosed with gp about a year and a half later
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  • T  I had my GB out in 2004 they cut the biole duct and poisoned all of my ogans . I got go over 3 years now. I had 14 things medically wrong before go now 15 plus pain all the time.
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  • A  I was told the vagus nerve is far from where they do the surgery to remove the gallbladder, I too had mine removed and diagnosed 1 year after it was removed because it didn’t function. I have also been on ppi’s for 17 years too, and have thyroid issues so I wonder what caused mine too.
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  • A  I had Gallbladder removed April 2009 and Diagnosed Gastroparesis with 50% motility September 2009.
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  • A r Same here since 1994, but I ended up with pancreatitis at the same time from the surgery
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  • M  I think the same thing about me. But my gp didnt show up for several years later. I had my gallbladder removed in 01…and my gp showed up in 2010
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  • D t Gallbladder out 5 years ago, diagnosed this past week with GP
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  • N Had my gallbladder removed January ’05, diagnosed with GP February ’11
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  • J  Gallbladder out 2001 … diagnosed GP 2014
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  • K Gallbladder out in 2005 and was diagnosed with gp in 2012…
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  • M I did not have my gallbladder removed but I did have a mild traumatic brain injury that damaged vagus nerve. 2 years later was diagnosed with GP & POTS. Seems like most of my autonomic nervous system began 2 dysfunction from that point on…
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  • L I had my gallbladder out after an ERCP in 2/12. Had to stay in hospital overnight in case of pancreatitis; instead gallbladder got infected. In November 2012 – Whipple Surgery. April 2013-ERCP showed food in stomach after 24 hours. December 2013 Gastro Emptying Test….diagnosis GP. Vegas nerve damage?? GP so far is mild…just nausea at times. Does it get worse?
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  • S Yep
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  • K YES!!!!!
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  • M I still have my gallbladder but got gp after I had my D&C
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  • D Gallbladder out in 2005. GP symptoms started in 2012, 3 months after a c-section. I also have endometriosis and have had several laparoscopies to remove adhesions.
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  • S i had the same thing happen but it ended up being endometriosis that damaged my vagus nerve… Not the surgery for GP
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  • S Wonder if all our drs used the same machine or something for surgery?
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  • F Same here!!
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  • K Had the same thing happen. Had gallbladder put in April 2004 and was diagnosed with GP in November 2004.
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  • S  Gallbladder removed and diagnosed less than a year later with symptoms showing about a week after surgery
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  • L Got my gallbladder out in 2001 got gp last year
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    • T I am not a doctor, but if you look at a diagram, the gallbladder seems to be connected to the vagus nerve, which is where the gastroparesis nerve damage starts, in that nerve. I have tried to talk to my Gi specialist at the mayo clinic about this, but he looks at me like I am crazy. He happens to be old friends with the surgeon. The medical field is depressing.
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      • M Thats exactly why, cuz there old pals!
        I actually looked into sueing the Surgeon. I had 4 Lawyers say. We know it happened, we just cant prove it. And the likely hood of a surgeon going against another surgeon to say that the vagus can be damaged would never happen….. The medical community pretty much sucks!
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    • C I had it before, but barely noticeable. It has gotten worse since I had my gallbladder removed
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    • T started the week they removed my gallbladder & appendix. That was in December 2012 & I can’t keep any food or thick liquid down. Sucks!!
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    • C My partner had bouts of it rarely before her gallbladder was removed but it has gotten extremely bad since they put her on narcotic pain meds for her fibro & Sjogrens pain & back pain(blown disc).It has been real bad if she eats any meat.
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    • J If it began immediately post-surgery I would suspect it was due to the pain meds. IV narcotics administered after surgery frequently cause nause, vomiting, and impaired gastric motility. I had this reaction to my pain meds immediately after my cholecysSee More
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    • J never recovered from my Gall Bladder surgery. I had to fight with everything I had not to throw up for days after. For months I still felt terrible after the surgery and my doctors just said IBS. 
      Finally got a gastric emptying done two years later (which was a year ago) which confirmed GP. My motility specialist is convinced it was the surgery.
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    • J I was so much more sick after my surgery. I was diagnosed 2 months after my gallbladder
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    • M Mine did. In hindsight I think I had it mildly all my life, but the lap choly DEFINITELY made it worse. I lost 40kg within about 3 months of the surgery.
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    • T Yes, I was diagnosed one year after laparoscopic gallbladder removal, but the symptoms started as soon as I woke up.
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    • J drs don’t like it when we have too much knowledge lol I brought things up to my hubby’s x Neuro about tests I felt he needed to help diagnois his seizures or poss seinerios causing them hey listen WE know our bodies we r with them 24/7 365 days a year..,
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    • K It’s been two years in June so
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    • J I was diagnosed shortly after my hysterectomy — and I have read some info online about how the medication puts the body to sleep during surgery and that it could paralyze the stomach? I am not a doctor either, but I was fine before my surgery, and now I have GP!
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    • S I too started having the GP symptoms after gall bladder removal in July 2012 officially diagnosed in March 2013.
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    • L YES! My pain started about a week after my surgery but I didn’t get diagnosed until almost a year later.
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    • i had gastro/intestinal issues before having my gallbladder out. I had my gb out because it stopped functioning…much like my stomach has stopped functioning, but my GP wasn’t diagnosed until five years after my GB was taken out.. my GI doc says I probably have had GP at least five years.. dunno if they are connected…mine got much worse about 2 years ago.. and 3 years after I had my GB out.
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    • J My daughter’s symptoms started two weeks after her gall bladder surgery.
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      • M Oh, Jane, this must of hit you between the eyes.
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    • C I had symptoms since the age of 6, never could get a diagnosis. Yet after gallbladder surgery mine got severe and was finally diagnosed over 5 years ago.
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    • S mine was diagnosed after my gallbladder surgery too… But not the vomiting thank god!!
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    • R Yes, mine started immediately after laparoscopic gallbladder removal as well.
      My gallbladder suddenly failed, but all the symptoms I have with GP where the same I was having with the gallbladder issue. So unsure what caused what.
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    • G Exactly when my started. No doubt thats where it came from in my mind
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    • D Hmm I never put that together. I had my gallbadder out and right after the severe IBS -D started. Years later the GP started. Makes sense though.
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    • S Semi-open choly Sep 2011, got somewhat better, then got way worse, gastroparesis diagnosis Nov 2012.
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    • S Yes I had the procedure oct 2010 and proceeded to get worse. Diagnosed with GP soon after.
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    • J I think mine was before but diagnosed after bc I stayed sick
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    • C I had a cholecystectomy 7 years ago and didn’t see a change. But my symptoms did start after a surgical procedure in January.
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    • M Exactly what you said! Seems like it was going on in the recovery room from my cholecstectomy! Hanvt been the same since that day! My Motility Dr. shook his head, like uh oh, right after I told him I started feeling like this after Gallbladder being removed…. He highly suspects that my Vagus nerve was damaged during the surgery….
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