This is the permanent birth control that is most likely the reason for my stomach issues and my gallbladder dying. 
In case anyone in this group is having major issues and they can’t figure out why and you’ve ever had this implanted it could be the culprit. 
The coils cause inflammation in your tubes so that your tubes will close up and you can’t get pregnant. The problem is there is nothing there to ever stop the inflammation.
I got sick over a seven-month
Period And by the time they figured out it was my gallbladder I couldn’t even drink water and my stomach and esophagus were in a complete spasm.
It was so chronic that I had the test on Friday and they took my gallbladder out on a Monday. Although I felt better after they removed it I still felt like my guts were in a spasm 24 hours a day until I had a hysterectomy to have these removed because that’s really the only way to remove them. About a week after I had them removed my stomach relaxed.
I still have daily issues but now they think it’s because of adhesions created from the inflammation.
I just wanted to tell you guys about this and that many women who have had it also had gallbladder issues amongst other things.
Debbie Johnson Prothro's photo.