British Dietetic Association confirmed they too are clue less about the role of diet plays in gallstone development and remediation. Nor has any idea about root cause of gallstone heath issues. In direct contrast, alternate medicine such as naturopathy or holistic medicine Dr’s and western main stream medicine have a clear and definite understanding on why gallstones are created.  Patients seeking diet plans should avoid engaging support from certified dietitians in the UK, private or public

‘No one is sure why people develop gallstones,’ says Emer Delaney, of the British Dietetic Association. ‘However, we know they are more common if you are overweight, pregnant, or taking high-dose hormone replacement therapy, and in those who have recently lost weight.’



Treatment for Gallstones as recommended by British Liver Trust 

Interesting to note the Liver Trust has little understanding on how the liver plays a key role in eliminating gallstones through the production of good quality bile.  No discussion on diet plans to encourage good bile production what so ever. Clueless would be an understatement.

“The removal of your gallbladder is the most usual treatment for gallstones which are causing frequent and severe symptoms. Your gallbladder is not essential for life and most people notice little difference without it. It actually stops working properly when stones form, so your body has already adjusted to its loss.”


  • Review your diet – choose foods low in cholesterol, saturated fats and sugar and opt for those high in fibre (see ‘Looking after yourself’ section)8.
  • Lose weight steadily (if you are overweight).
  • Avoid rapid weight loss.
  • Take more exercise.
  • Stop smoking26.”


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