does this sound familiar …. a post from Sxxx……GB ripped out with out consent for what appears to be training when doing other procedures.  6 days in hospital looks like damaged Bile duct injury repaired – Blocking bile needed to process food resulting in massive bloating , weight gain etc. 1.7cm stone is a baby compared to many that can develope. It thats the biggest stone he has ever seen, where did he get his training from and what medical text books used to study if any? This surgeon probably only completed less than 25 laparoscopic-cholecystectomy procedures, placing the patent at high risk, thus the outcome. Requiring 6 days in hospital.

Hi my name is Sxxx. I’m 22 and had my gallbladder removed last year on 20th May 2014 after having been in cronicic pain for nearly 6 months. 
I was rushed into hospital 3rd Jan 2014 with a suspected erupting apendix I spent 9 days in hospital to leave be in told I had a gallstone that was 1.7cm(biggest my surgeon had seen I his whole career.) I went on 60mg of codiene every 6 hours. 
From that day I was severely ill. I would pass out from the pain on average 7-10 times a day sometimes more. I couldn’t keep any food in me for long because I just threw it up or I was in so much pain I would pass out. For 5 months i was scared to eat and I lived off slim fast shakes and jelly but sometimes even they hurt. I lost a total of 3 stone in 3 months. 
When I had the operation I was so happy. I had a little problem after with pain but I was released the same day. Everything was all good again for about 2/3 months. The all of a sudden in August/September when ever I ate potatoes I would end up with cronic diarrhea. I then started to have trouble with my belly swelling up and I gained 5 stone even though I wasn’t eating bad or to much. I’m now being tested for IBS because I demanded to know why I now have such bad tummy upsets with lots of different foods. I also get random pains in where my gallbladder was and sometimes it’s just as bad as when it was in there. 
Being ill like this took a big tole on me I was at university during most of it and was 100 miles away from boyfriend and family. I had a nervous breakdown in November and I know that this problem is 40% why I had it. 
I’m not a very well person as it is and this just causes me to struggle more. Everyday I am now worried if what I eat will cause me to have a upset tummy or my belly to blow up like I’m 5/6 months pregnant (goes rock hard as well) I have constent nausea and throw up alot more than I did before all this happened.
I wanted to think things will get better but by the looks of things it might not. I’m just happy to no that there are people who have problems like me and I’m not just unlucky.
(Photo is of me when my belly goes rock hard and pregnant looking.)”

Commentary. I have hundreds of stories just like this one in my files. Once the medical mafia gets what it wants from us they are done, will routinely turn and walk away from the mess they have created. They want the accolades and the financial rewards, NOT the true aftermath of what they have done to us. These greed-crazed sociopaths have left an enormous swath of destruction in their wake with this dangerous surgery that they absolutely refuse to deal with properly–not just in my country and yours but across the globe, wherever it is being used. We are inconvenient embarrassments and potential financial liabilities now, thanks to them and their bungling.

I am between a rock and a hard place in this mess: I can tell the injury victims the truth as I have seen it unfold after 24+ years of carefully watching the detail of this atrocity by studying all the cases that come my way OR keep my mouth shut (as I have been ordered to by the perpetrators of this crime-against humanity) and just let them have their way with all these victims. Neither is a good thing.
That poor girl is right, although she doesn’t know it yet: she will never be well again. She will also not get any useful intervention either. But how can I tell her that? The medical mafia will not tell her either. Instead they will play out their standardized “milk-the-cow” games on her until there is nothing left, will run her through their usual gauntlet of one useless or wrong test after another and tell one lie after another just to keep her on their hook. She will be told “irritable bowel syndrome” first and if she doesn’t buy that lie it will move onto the other standardized lies they have lined up in their war chest: “sphincter of oddi dysfunction, diverticulitis/diverticulosis, fatty liver disease, phantom pain, hypochindria, blah, blah, blah. They can get downright stupid in their fake diagnoses: one woman/injury victim I know was told she had a build-up of table salt where her gallbladder used to be and that is why she had the burning and stabbing in her right side (that we all get). Another woman was told her problem was she chewed too much gum, even though she hadn’t had a stick of gum since she was a teenager. Meanwhile, we are all left deliberately untreated, that is until the medical mafia finds another use for us in drug or device testing or more of their dangerous student surgery training in the teaching hospitals. They can get real aggressive with us if we do not blindly follow their orders and have no qualms cutting off pain control to force us into compliance. These psychos will say anything, do anything, that they know they can get away with. And from my 24+ years of up-close-and-personal experience with this particular atrocity I can tell you without hesitation that these people have no bottom to how low they will go trying to get what they want from us.
Early in my experience a doctor stepped out of line and told me a truth that got him and his family driven out of the state: “all you are going to get from me or any other doctor in this town is symptomatic relief only–until you get well on your own, or die. And you will get that only if you shut up, stop fighting, and accept a benign diagnosis that the treatment matches.” It was early enough in my experience that I did not believe him, did not know the things I know now. He was telling me the truth. I also did not know it was one of the medical mafia’s biggest dirty secrets and I confronted my surgeon with it. He roared: “WHO TOLD YOU THIS?!” and in my early ignorance I replied truthfully. Next thing I hear is that doctor left the state with his family. We outsiders do not know their games and all their rules that go with these games. But we are expected to play along perfectly and are held accountable to them anyway.
But I have also found that almost none of the victims want to hear that we are really, truly on our own in this mess and that we cannot trust or depend upon the same people who put us here and keeps us here. We have to study the injury(s) ourselves and work to find our own relief by trial and error. In some part of their minds they already know this is true through their own intuition and from the routine abuses inflicted upon them. Or by trading detail with other injury victims. But they cannot, or will not, make the jump to the full reality of what/who they are really dealing with here. Their lifetime of programming has too tight a hold on them and they will not, or cannot, let go of it.
It is what will happen to them if they don’t let go of it that haunts me. I have seen it over and over and over again and it is not pretty.


Elizabeth Eugenia LaBozetta‎