• Elizabeth Sims-Easton Hi Kim-Marie Jackson, basically I went on a diet to try and help my liver, as I thought if I helped that, it would help the bile flow and (possibly) help the gallbladder, i got liver detox from the local health store, also took milk thistle tablets for a while too, basically I did a lot of research into herbs ect. I started off by eating beetroot every day as that also helps the bile flow, but now as my partner bought us a fantastic juicer I now have a shot of juice made with one apple, one pear, some ginger and beetroot, to that I also add a table spoon of the apple cider vinegar. I also have tea made with chanca piedra ( got that from the local herbalist) 

    Further reading if your interested http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/natural-health/benefits-of-chanca-piedra/


    I was diagnosed about 7 months ago and until about 7 weeks ago i was having attacks regularly, then i had 3 bad ones that landed me in ER, the hospital things I had a stone stuck. Since then, I have had no more attacks, I hope its the change of diet ( I eat no bad fats, no diary) and have my herbs and juices daily, it has worked for me, but we are all different so some may help you and some may not. Good luck with it all though and if you have any questions just ask 

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