The gallstone removal operation which took place in May 2009 was a routine operation and should have been a simple day surgery case.  Due to the complications, Tony wasn’t discharged until September 2009 and he still required further surgery.

After the surgery, Tony suffered severe abdominal pain and sickness and was subsequently transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Doctors were able to diagnose a huge bile leak but were unable to establish the origin of the leak.  A drain was put in place to stop further poisoning.

Tony underwent further surgery about 1-2 weeks later in order to stent the leak, unfortunately this was also unsuccessful.  As a consequence of bowel contents leaking into his abdomen, Tony also suffered sepsis infection which led to liver, renal and heart failure (without permanent damage).  Additional major surgery was required as well as a long recovery period.  Tony was fitted with a jejunostomy (feeding line) for the next 12 months.

In total, Tony was absent from work for approximately 18 months and was completely dependent on his wife’s help with showering, cooking, cleaning and assisting with his feeding line.  Today, Tony still has ongoing bowel issues.

Sarah Coles from our Clinical Negligence team in Bristol helped Tony claim compensation against Airedale NHS Trust for causing the additional damage as a consequence of the original gallstone operation.   Tony’s claim was eventually settled out of court for the sum of £105,000.