Gallstone Root Cause & Treatment

Percutaneous cholecystolithotomy: is gall stone recurrence inevitable?

J J Donald, S Cheslyn-Curtis, A R Gillams, R C Russell, and W R Lees Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Using radiological interventional techniques the gall bladder can be cleared of stones with a high success rate. As with any treatment option that leaves the gall bladder in situ there […]


R. D. SOLOWAY, M.D., B. W. TROTMAN, M.D., AND J. D. OSTROW, M.D. Gastrointestinal Section, Department of Medicine, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, the School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania, and the Veterans Administration Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   Source :  

Gallstones and Gallbladder Disease You Really Can Keep your Gallbladder!

  SOUTH BAY TOTAL HEALTH Health Care in Harmony with Nature Dr. Arlan Cage, ND, LAc Back to Immune-Related Conditions Back to Areas of Emphasis HOME Ultrasound image showing multiple stones in a gallbladder Background The Gallbladder is a small pouch-like organ located below the liver in the upper right abdomen which temporarily stores bile, produced in the […]

Therapy of gallstone disease: What it was, what it is, what it will be

World J Gastrointest Pharmacol Ther. Apr 6, 2012; 3(2): 7-20 Published online Apr 6, 2012. doi: 10.4292/wjgpt.v3.i2.7 Therapy of gallstone disease: What it was, what it is, what it will be Piero Portincasa, Agostino Di Ciaula, Leonilde Bonfrate, David QH Wang Piero Portincasa, Leonilde Bonfrate, Department of Biomedical Sciences and Human Oncology, Clinica Medica “A. Murri”, University of Bari Medical […]

Ursodeoxycholic acid therapy in gallbladder disease, a story not yet completed

Michele Pier Luca Guarino, Silvia Cocca, Annamaria Altomare, Sara Emerenziani, and Michele Cicala Abstract Gallstone disease represents an important issue in the healthcare system. The principal non-invasive non-surgical medical treatment for cholesterol gallstones is still represented by oral litholysis with bile acids. The first successful and documented dissolution of cholesterol gallstones was achieved in 1972. Since then a large […]


DECEMBER 12, 2016 HOME SLIDER, MTHFR AND THE GUT-BRAIN CONNECTION   INTRODUCTION One of the most common questions I get when working with patients is “Can my methylation problems cause digestion issues?”  This question has come up over and over again as many people with methylation issues also have gut problems at the same time.  It wouldn’t be […]

Drug-induced gallbladder disease. Incidence, aetiology and management

  Abstract A great variety of drugs is reported to induce gallbladder disease by various pathogenetic mechanisms. Early epidemiological studies indicated a doubled risk of gallbladder disease in women taking oral contraceptives. More recent studies, however, have failed to confirm those findings; these conflicting results might be explained by the different methods used to define […]

Opioid Pain Medication KILLING Gallbladders

Recently found this post, then looked into the issue. Looks cirtian, the latest big Phama business plan to keep Americans hocked on drugs, killing 89 a day at present from Opioid overdoses ( Dec 2017) is also having a spinoff for the gallbladder surgery business. mynameischarles “One class of drugs that’s proven to cause this […]

Celiac Disease Linked To Gall Bladder and Liver Problems

It is not mystery that those with gluten sensitivity have a higher incidence of developing autoimmune diseases.  What is often times less discussed is the association of gluten intolerance and celiac disease with autoimmune hepatitis and cholangitis (gall bladder problems).  These links are rarely discussed but have been known about and discussed in numerous medical studies.  Now […]

Comparative studies on iodine levels in gallstones and bile

J Med Assoc Thai. 1999 Apr;82(4):374-82. Comparative studies on iodine levels in gallstones and bile of Japanese and Thais (Chiang Mai and Bangkok). Naito E1, Pausawasdi A, Miki M, Tanaka M. Author information Abstract We measured the iodine content of gallstones and bile from patients in three areas (Kawasaki in Japan, and Chiang Mai and Bangkok in Thailand) by […]