Cholecystectomy - informed consent OR medical malpractice Fraud

Diarrhea only – Long term risks NEVER advised to patients in order to obtain Informed Consent by NHS

Evidence of fake informed consent patient handouts by NHS through selective referencing and by excluding relevant information needed by a patient to make an informed consent decision on treatment options Patient agreement to investigation or treatment Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Long term risks Risks advised to patients in order to obtain […]

Zero informed consent – Laparoscopic equipment company printed booklet for surgeons

Early in the introduction of laparoscopic gallbladder surgery the laparoscopic equipment company printed a booklet for surgeons to give to their prospective patients that made no mention of risks–that is the booklet I was given. Later, they were made to change that booklet and include risks. A doctor gave me a copy of the new […]

Fake informed consent patient handouts – LAPAROSCOPIC CHOLECYSTECTOMY

Another example of informed consent documentation written with out complete information Outsourcing to VeriMed Healthcare Network this time. Paid to make fake informed consent patient handouts through Selective referencing – by excluding relevant information needed by a patient to make an informed consent decision on treatment options ie strategical missing key info needed for a patient to make […]

Open email to Heathwise.Org – Miss-informed consent obtained by deception – Patient safety at risk

Dear Heathwise 200 expert medical advisory team. We are an advocacy group for patient care and informed consent for the treatment of Gallstones We would like to use your patient handout information used by many heath care providers as an example of informed consent obtained by deception. Link example found here: Heathwise may […]

Patient Informed Consent or Consent obtained by deception?

An example of patent informed consent process for undergoing gallbladder surgery for treatment of gallstones Information provided necessary for  Obtaining Consent   Hand out Direct Access Surgery – Gallbladder Surgery Information for Patients Your GP has diagnosed you with having biliary pain, which is likely being caused by gall stones. Truth: The very first sentence […]