About Us


Life With No Gallbladder was established by a group of individuals who when undergoing gallbladder surgery in New Zealand for treatment of gallstones found themselves experiencing heath complications commonly diagnosed as Post Colectomy Syndrome after gallbladder removal and no treatment support offered through main stream heath providers

We later discovered New Zealand surgeons were breaching human rights by offering cholecystectomies as the one stop solutions for removing gallstones without fully informing patents of risks, high statistical likely hood of side effects which damages patents health and of alternative treatment options.

New Zealand surgeons tock  extreme steps to cover up medical fraud by denying patient health complications are PSC related, calling PSC controversial and even preventing treatment support through false submissions to medical review panels

The goal of this site: To help as many people as possible understand the true consequence of Gallbladder removal and provide reference material necessary for self-help education and diagnoses where none is offered through main stream heath providers

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